New website is live…!

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New website is live

Like these two patient pugs we’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of our shiny new website.   Building something so complex and detailed and bang up to the minute takes time.   So we’ve had to be patient or not so patient.   Either way we’ve had to wait.   Obvs if you’re here now, you know the new website is live because, well, you’re on it…

As we move into the new phase of our business and our life, we’re now only holding elopement weddings.  The summer of 2022 is the very last year for all big Saturday weddings and also for our midi mid-week weddings (the ole MMW).   It’s elopements all the way for us which meant a brand new elopement only website and finally here we are.

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Changing dates

We’re still holding elopement weddings on Tuesdays and Thursdays which we’ve done for years now.   That’s not changing.  We’re still going to be closed every January and February.   We’ve also done that for years and will continue.   The change is that we’re going to be closed every year in June, July and August.

We still have all the seasons, spring in March and April; summer in May and September, autumn in October and winter in November and December.   So pick your season and pick your date.

Info refresh

This shiny new website still allows you to download our latest elopement brochure whenever you like.  And you can do that right here, right now. 

Our elopement real weddings gallery is bang up to date with our latest real elopement weddings held here just last month.   You can see them all here.

You can pick your season and see what the venue looks like for the month(s) you’ve got in mind.   Our films page has also been updated and you can see that here.

If you go back far enough you’ll still see the old blog posts about big weddings.   Our lovely web designers advised us to leave the old posts up on the blog.  Something about the bods at Google not liking stuff being taken down and the risk of broken links – so they’re still there.

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Elopement package

We’re still carrying on with our awesome elopement package of photography, flowers, food & cake plus accommodation.  That’s not changing.   Everything that’s included is covered here on the ‘What’s Included?’ page with links to more detailed info about flowers, photography etc.


We’ve always been uber transparent with our pricing so no change there.   See the pricing info throughout the website including the ‘Package Prices’ page.

There are pages about food and drink, accommodation, guests – whatever you need, the info should be on the site.

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New things

As well as updating everything generally and making the entire website completely elopement centric, there are a few bigger changes.   One is that since covid we don’t have a dedicated phone number.   As a tiny biz, that just doesn’t make sense for us.   We’re very happy to chat elopement weddings on the phone, just email us and we’ll set up a phone appointment with you.  Happy to talk when it suits you, evenings or weekends if that’s what you need.

We’ve now got a handy search facility which you’ll see at the top of each page so you can quickly find what you need.

The other big change is our fab new availability calendar.  So now you don’t have to wait patiently (or not so patiently) for me to let you know what dates we’ve got – you can see them right here. 

The calendar is colour coded so you can quickly see what dates are available.   Grey dates aren’t available.   Green dates are available – yay!  Pink dates are on reserve for 7 days so they might turn grey (deposit paid, booking confirmed so not available) or they might turn green, (booking not confirmed, date available again.)   If you look at the calendar right now, you’ll see June, July and August are all greyed out, that coz we’re fully booked for those months.   We’ve got one date available in September 2022 which is Thursday 8th September.   October 2022 is all greyed out, there are no dates available in October now.   We’ve got dates in November and December 2022 so if this is your year to get married, you still have choices.

So have a rootle around the new website – let me know what you think!   You can email me at any time about all things elopement at [email protected], I’d love to hear from you!

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Photo credits:  all by Clare Kinchin Photography

Flowers:  Flowers et al

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