No problems, just solutions…

We are all about creating a solution to any problem that may arise. We want our couples to be happy – of course, we do!  Creating happiness is our job… and it is the happiest day of your lives after all.

Dictating the weather on the other hand, well, we haven’t quite mastered that dark art yet. That’s still in the hands of Mother Nature.

Fortunately, we do have a solid Plan B and solution for every part of a wedding day and can quickly switch up from one to another.

Our bespoke wet weather awning attaches to our wedding barn so that we can keep everyone dry in the rain. It’s a great solution that doesn’t compromise the light. As it has a clear roof and sides to keep the open feel in the barn.

bespoke clear wet weather awning on wedding barn Ever After Dartmoor, wet weather solution, problem solving

If the weather forecast is dry for the wedding, we will take the awning down. If the forecast is uncertain (lost count how many times this year…) we usually put up just the frame. On the day of the wedding, we decide whether to take the frame down (it’s going to be dry) or put the canvas on (not dry). Most couples prefer to err on the side of caution (as do we). We really don’t want guests getting wet during the wedding ceremony.

Drinks reception & Evening celebrations – Weather solution

Similarly, after your ceremony, we have a plan B for your reception too. This solution is a little less time-consuming, YAY!!
There’s plenty of space under the terrace side of the marquee with comfortable seating and bar area. Your guests won’t miss out on our lawn games either as we can just move them inside!

So yes, we’re wedding planners and stylists and on-the-day co-ordinators but we’re also problem solvers.   How can we make sure that couples get exactly what they want whilst adapting to things changing around us, sometimes by the minute! There’s always a solution to a problem when you know what you’re doing. We want the very best for our couples and their guests and we don’t mind coming up with novel solutions to get it.

Read what our couples say about how much they appreciate the help and support they get from us both on their wedding day and the months leading up to it…

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