Pop up lounges – it’s a thing…

As I sent the skinny to all our booked couples yesterday on our new pop up lounges, I can give the lounges a big shout out here.

The lovely S and I lay under a palm tree in February, we were musing about what we could bring our couples that would get them leaping out their chairs with excitement.  After a while we suddenly came up with the idea of pop up lounges.  Of course!   They’re a great add on that you can choose if you want to or not if you don’t.   They’re a fab way to surprise your guests when they’ve already wined and dined in style throughout your day.

Soooo, there are two different lounges, you can hire them together or separately.   The whiskey & cigar lounge comes with all the furnishings to create an old style club feel.  So a vintage leather chesterfield, leather and aluminium club chairs, persian rug, art deco drinks cabinet, potted palms.    We include single malt whiskey, decanters and glasses plus cigars, humidors, vintage ashtrays and cigar cutters if you want them.



Marianne and Rob 0164 Version 2 1

The other pop up has a completely different feel.   Think old Hollywood glamour, white leather, crystal, chrome, old style repro movie light.  When the lovely S gets round to finishing it, there will also be an ostrich feather palm!  Is the champagne & gin included?  Oh yeah…  Photos of the champagne and gin bar will be ready next week and you can imagine yourself lounging on the white sofa, champagne coupe in hand…


Each lounge has its own white outdoor canopy with drop down walls.  The lounges will be set up on the lawns whilst your guests are busy dining on your fabulous wedding breakfast. When they come out after finishing dinner, hey presto!   The pop ups have popped up!   If the weather is wet outside on the night, never fear, we have another Ever After Plan B up our sleeves.  The lounges can be popped up inside the marquee for the evening – your guests are going to love them wherever they are.

We can’t wait to see them up this year.    The lovely S and I have been having pre-dinner drinks in them – just the two of us!   Everyone who has seen them (in the wedding barn until their storage is sorted!) loves them.   So which one will you go for…?   Can’t decide? Oh go on, have both…

To get more details about our pop up lounges and the other get-em-here-only things we have to offer, drop me a line at [email protected]



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