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Precious wedding moments

By June 5, 2017December 14th, 2017real wedding, Wedding Photography in Devon

Precious wedding moments.   I love them!   I think I get just as excited as our wedding couples when the photos first come through after the wedding.  I’ve got the wedding photos from previous weddings as a screen saver for my computer.   When I’m sat at my desk the photos swim past as a great reminder of the lovely weddings we’ve had here.

This morning the photos from Philippa and John’s wedding were floating past and were a perfect reminder of why a great wedding photographer is so important.   I’ve picked some photos from what will actually be only a few minutes from the whole wedding day but they’re some of my favourites from this wedding.

The photos of John at the church waiting for the wedding party, first his daughters as flower girl and bridesmaid and finally his bride, Philippa.  Precious wedding moments indeed.

This is John waiting for the bridal party to arrive – can you feel those nerves..?!

Then his little daughter arrives and can’t resist a wave to her Daddy…

groom flowergirl daughter waving daddy

Then his eldest daughter and that split second look between them is so beautifully captured…

groom altar wedding ceremony bridesmaid daughter look

And then the bride…

groom waiting for bride tears

groom waiting for bride nervous

bride groom altar wedding ceremony tears smilingI defy you not to feel the emotion in the photos when you look at them and you know what I do every time I see them?   SMILE!   These pics make me smile every time.    I got to know John whilst he and Philippa were planning their wedding here and he was a man who kept his emotions under wraps.   Until his wedding day.  And now we can all see how much John loves his family, it’s beautiful to see.

And that’s why you need a great wedding photographer.   Vince of Yeti Photography absolutely nailed these ceremony shots and that’s what I meant by precious wedding moments…

You can see more photos from Philippa and John’s wedding here on their real wedding page and here on an earlier blog post from a few months ago.