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Questions for your wedding venue Part 2

By February 10, 2020summer Saturdays, wedding venue

Questions for your venue

If you read my first post about questions for your venue, you’ll know I’m putting us through the lists of questions people tell you to ask your venue before you book.

Today I’m looking at the questions from Coco Wedding Venues, one of our fave wedding venue directories.

Coco handily split their questions into 5 parts and a total of 40 questions.   So as not to overload you (or me!), I’m going to do a separate post for each part.

If you’re interested in our MMW or elopement weddings, they’re more of a package so the photographer, florist, cake maker and caterer are all included.   These questions don’t really apply to those weddings so you can skip onto another blog post.  There are plenty of posts that focus on those types of weddings here on the blog.

The first part is what Coco call “The Basics”, so let’s dive in and see what they think you should ask us:

  • is the venue licensed for civil ceremonies?

Some venues aren’t (you def need to check).  We are – yay!  You can get legally married here.

  • can the venue hold both the ceremony and reception?

Yep, we can definitely do both.  If you choose to get married in church, we can do a reception only wedding too.  Versatile like that.

  • which local authority does the venue come under?

For us it’s Devon County Council.  The local borough is Tavistock, West Devon.   Registrars from Tavistock will conduct your wedding ceremony.

  • what’s the venue’s capacity for both ceremony and reception

120 for the summer Saturdays, 20 plus evening guests for MMW and 8 guests for winter elopements.

  • does the venue have a specific suppliers list that they prefer you to work with?

The only supplier we insist you work with for the summer Saturdays is our caterer.  We’ve got a suppliers list if that’s helpful but apart from the caterer, they’re optional.

  • what’s included in the hire?

Pop over to our FAQ page to find out what’s included.  We also give you that info in the brochures so make sure you download the one you need.

  • if the venue has their own caterer is a free tasting included?

Oh yeah, the two of you get a free tasting with the caterers.  You’re welcome to bring along other members of the family for a small extra charge.  Make it a family occasion and enjoy!

  • how flexible is the catering to suit your wedding style?

Super flexible!  We want you to have the kind of food you want for your wedding.  Have you downloaded the menus yet?  Grab them now.


  • will your wedding be the only wedding at the venue on the day?  If not, how many do they hold in a day?

Exclusive use (ie no other wedding here on the same day) is guaranteed here.  Not only that, we go further.  We guarantee never to hold another wedding the day before or the day after.   We want you to have time to enjoy the venue without feeling under pressure (NGL, we don’t want the pressure either!).  Not only is there no other wedding here at the same time as you we won’t do viewings when you’re here.   The only other people you’ll see are the lovely S and I (we live here!) and our staff, oh and Chip and Spud, they live here too…

  • can you hire the venue exclusively?  what’s the difference in cost and what extras are included?

We don’t make any extra charge for exclusive use, it comes as standard.  For every wedding.


Be happy with the entire space – see all rooms available for your wedding party and make sure each one suits your wedding style.

we say:  we’ve got lots of different spaces available for your day.  You can read about them here on the blog.

I’ll cover the next part of Coco’s questions to ask your venue next week.  We’ll move onto logistics and give you the low down on what you need to know.  Have you got any questions?    Just drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you.  You can reach me at