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Wedding venue questions

With all the engagements over Xmas and NY, lots of newly engaged couples are out there looking for wedding venues.   Is that you? If so you’ll know it’s one of the biggest expenses of your wedding so you gotta get it right.  Right?

How do you do that?   You start with research.  That’s online, google around.  Pick some keywords based on the kind of venue or geographical area you’re looking at.

You get the brochures in, make a short list and start thinking about visits.

There are lots of lists in wedding magazines and blogs about questions for your wedding venue so I thought I’d put us to the test with some of them.   Starting with the 7 questions Wedding Ideas Mag thinks you should ask.   I’m going to do a few of these questionnaires over the next few weeks so you can get a lot of your questions out the way.   (NGL I’m not gonna do the 60+ questions for your wedding venue as suggested by one helpful blogger – there are only so many hours in a day…)

So let’s dive in and see what Wedding Ideas thinks you should ask us:

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Is VAT included?

We make it real clear where we’ve included VAT and where it needs to be added on top.  We’ve got terms and conditions you sign before you book and that’s got all the figures both with and without VAT so you can seem them clearly.

THEIR TOP TIP: Ask the venue to list what is included in the package and if you can pay in instalments.

we say:  we list what’s included on our website and in your terms and conditions.   And yep, we also allow payment by instalments.

reception marquee set upHow many people can it seat?

For our summer Saturday weddings, we can seat 120 max.   For the MMW it’s 20 with extra people in the evening and for the elopements it’s 8 guests.

THEIR TOP TIP: Ask if tables and chairs are included – some venues may include an extra charge for this, or require you to provide your own in some cases.

we say:  we include all tables and chairs for eating and also the ceremony.   Our garden and lounging furniture is also included in the price – yay!

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Is there an extra charge to use your own caterers?

We don’t charge extra to use your own caterers.  That’s because you HAVE to use our caterers.  You’ve got free reign to use your own suppliers EXCEPT for the caterers.

THEIR TOP TIP: Ask if there are any tasting opportunities of the type of food that could be served on the day before you choose your menu.

we say: oh yeah, as the couple you get a free tasting with the caterers.  If you want to take family members along to the tasting (have a day out!) there’s a small extra charge for them but the two of you are free and have a meeting with the caterers all about your wedding food – fab!

Does the catering quote include staffing costs?

If you’re having a MMW or an elopement wedding, you don’t need to worry at all as your food is included in the price.   Easy!  If you’re having a summer Saturday wedding for up to 120 guests, our caterers quote will include staffing costs.  If you download our summer Saturday menus from the website, you’ll see the staff costs are mentioned there.

THEIR TOP TIP: Budget for evening food too so as not to leave your guests hungry or alternatively have a later wedding buffet, barbecue or hog roast.

we say:  our yummy evening food options are all set out (prices included) in the food menus.  Just download them here now.

wedding venueIs the fee for the civil ceremony included?

The fee for the civil ceremony can’t be included – we can’t pay it for you!   The Registrars have to be booked and paid for by the couple, whatever size wedding you’re having.

THEIR TOP TIP: If you wish to hold your ceremony outside, ask your venue if this is possible first and if there are any alternative back up plans should it rain.

we say:  strictly speaking you can’t get married outside in England, you’ve got to be stood under a permanent covered structure.  For us, that’s our wedding barn but if the weather is gorge-uss your guests can be sat outside, no problem.  We’ve got a wet weather awning so up to 120 guests can be under cover for your wedding ceremony.

top tableWill I be required to decorate?

Nope, we do all the set up and clear down for you plus all the on the day co-ordination.  You just waft around being married, we’ll take care of the rest.

The only thing we ask you to take care of is to set up any decor items you bring with you.  So if you’re bringing 600 photos to display, give yourself enough time to do that.

TOP TIP: If you want a firework display, ask the venue if this is possible before committing to a supplier. Some venues will not allow fireworks out of consideration to surrounding livestock.

we say:  yep that’s us.   We live in the middle of a wood so with wildlife, livestock and to avoid setting fire to the woods, the council don’t allow fireworks here.  Sparklers?  Absolutely.   Make sure you get the giant ones – love ’em.


Amber Tom Lower Grenofen 322 devon wedding photographer rebecca roundhill scaled 3Late license fees?

Our summer Saturday weddings finish at 12.30am.   The MMW ones finish at 11.30pm.

TOP TIP: Check what time music must finish and when the bar closes. These tend to be slightly earlier than the finish time to ensure a smooth, gradual departure.

we say:  yep, that’s us.   For the summer Saturdays the bar closes at midnight, music off at 12.15am and guests off site by 12.30am.  For the MMW the bar closes at 11pm, music off at 11.15pm and guests offsite by 11.30pm.

I’ll do another one of these ‘questions for your wedding venue’ next week.  If you’ve got anything to ask me that we haven’t covered here or in our FAQ’s, drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you.  You can reach me at [email protected]

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