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There are lots of things we love about our elopement weddings, one of the best is how quickly the official photos come back from our lovely elopement photographer, Clare Kinchin.   Clare really is super speedy which is great for our couples (and us!).
Lisa and Lee got married here just a few weeks ago and the photos are all in.
LisaandLee 139And now real elopement bride Lisa has written to tell me how it felt to get married here at Ever After with one of our winter elopement wedding.   I’ll let Lisa tell you all about it and why an elopement had been such a perfect solution to what had been a difficult journey to this wedding.
“Hey Nicola, 
In the three weeks that have passed since Lee and I were married at Ever After; we both are still very much in awe of the place. For us the surroundings of your home were a very big factor of why we chose to book our wedding with you guys. For us, the sense of a homely feel was just in the atmosphere of the environment you have worked so hard to create. From the little details of the immaculately decorated cottage, to the look of the grounds and most of all to the welcome we received from you and the team. 
For Lee and I our wedding process had been far from straight forward, at one point last year it didn’t look like a ‘wedding day’ would take place; until I happened to stumble upon Ever After one evening whilst browsing Instagram. I searched for #Devon #wedding #elopement which took me to a blogger’s page (whatgeorgialoves) her wedding took place in November and I instantly feel in love with the whole aesthetics the photos had captured. The next day I contacted Nicola by email, and one phone call later our wedding day was booked.
The simplicity of securing and knowing our day was actually going to happen took away so much stress and tension we as a couple previously experienced, when we were trying to make our wedding happen in the traditional sense; by this I mean trying to please family whilst still trying incorporate what we wanted our day to be. 
Lee and I did differ slightly on what we wanted our wedding day to be like, for him it was important for the day to hold purpose, to have family/friends present to mark the occasion where as I just wanted minimal fuss and for the focus to solely be on us.
Originally when we booked our wedding we were going to be bringing 6 guests. We are so glad in hindsight we chose to keep our wedding party to just the two of us. For us the environment of Ever After was made all the more special and romantic by having full focus on ourselves.
Bethany attended to me so effortlessly the morning of the wedding and Nicola’s presence was the reassurance that I needed. Both Lee and I felt that everything was smooth running and all going to plan, we had no worries. The whole team at Ever After is so well rehearsed and relaxed we honestly cannot express our gratitude deeply enough to everyone who was involved with our wedding experience.
You all helped create a day for us that I feel protective of. It was perfect; effortless and everything we had hoped for. We are also left with a sentimental feeling regarding what we experienced. Our day was so unique and beautiful we will never be able to recreate what we experienced. 
Time will pass by and other couples will get to share in delights of what you have created but for myself and Lee your home and business is forever imprinted on us. Our day feels impossible to sum up every aspect was perfect, it was truly one of the happiest days of our lives. Because of what you offer we got to just concentrate on each other, that doesn’t sound very meaningful but with how hectic day to day life is, it’s so easy to overlook each other at times so, to be given one day to just be in love and have no worries felt dreamlike. 
For us the winter elopement package works because it gives full focus to the bride and groom, although it allows for a small wedding party this does not take away from the sense of occasion of the day. For us, the smaller wedding package was the ideal option as it gave full focus to ourselves. Witnesses being provided is another great aspect of what Ever After offer. The area where the vows take place is so intimate and cosy; the perfect sized room for a smaller wedding party and the back drop that surrounds the whole grounds is picturesque to say the least. 
Amanda, Harrie and Clare; three amazingly talented females any couple lucky enough to have this combo booked for their wedding day are in safe hands. Each individual business coming together to combine their skills which are then wrapped up in a bow and presented by Nicola and the team make for an experience that I truly believe will not be found elsewhere. The words are still failing us that describe the pure happiness we feel. 
Seriously Nicola; what you have created has made a lasting impression on us. I still feel overwhelmed by my wedding day. Tears of happiness come every time I mention our wedding day. This past year for me has been very trying at times but I can honestly say November 12th was one of the happiest days of my life.
I now understand why people say their wedding day is unexplainable. I cannot explain how thankful and grateful I am to you for creating your business. I feel sad that my journey with Ever After stops here.
I want to say you helped to give me permission to be happy again, that is what my wedding day meant to me as an individual. There is something about the energy and vibe of your home that cannot be describe and I am putting full credit to you. I can tell there is real love and passion gone into what you have done and created with not just the surroundings and look of Ever After but how it feels to be your customer/client. 
Thank you a thousands times over 
Best wishes 
Lisa Massey x “
LisaandLee 77 copyLisaandLee 114
LisaandLee 97
Lisa was suuuuuper nervous on the day.  Without me needing to say anything to any of the staff, they all did their bit to calm her nerves and make the getting ready enjoyable and fun.  The elopement team is so in tune with the couples, everyone gives what’s needed for each person getting married.  Whether that’s encouragement and a hug or keeping it light hearted to keep the nerves at bay, they instinctively know what’s needed.   That’s why they’re part of our great elopement team.
Couples always say everyone’s so calming here and it keeps the nerves in check.  Even when there’s no-one else at your wedding, just the two of you, the importance of actually getting married (GETTING MARRIED!) can cause a few butterflies.   Don’t worry, we’ve got you.  We’ll guide you through it all on the day and take care of you both so that you both have a day like Lisa and Lee – a day to remember that you’ll treasure for the rest of your lives.
You can read more elopement reviews over on our elopement reviews page.
Do you fancy a teeny wedding?   Just the two of you?  Maybe a hand-picked guest or two (maximum 8)?  Don’t wait!  Email me at [email protected] and check which dates we have that might suit you.   Let’s get you booked in!  Let’s get you married!

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