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Real elopement wedding – Hannah & Ed, April 2021

By April 4, 2022elopement wedding

April 2021, I remember it well.   We’d been locked down for over 3 months and finally we were told we could open up for weddings.   But only tiny ones.   Fortunately for us, elopement weddings are the only type of wedding we do in April so it was all systems go.  Although not quite.  Guest numbers were very restricted and you could only have 6 people at a wedding back in April last year.

Hannah & Ed had already had their April 2020 elopement postponed due to Covid.  They had booked for 9 guests but when the restrictions were announced, they were faced with a dilemma, postpone their wedding plans yet again or go with the reduced guest numbers.   So that’s what they did.  With just 2 adult guests and Molly the dog, they decided to go for it and get married.

No hair and make up suppliers were allowed at that time so not only did Hannah do her own hair and make up, her hair hadn’t been cut for a year!

Fortunately Hannah had her wedding dress all ready to go.  I had so many brides who couldn’t pick up their dresses, couldn’t have them altered, some dress shops weren’t opening at all, it was a really tricky time.

flat lay of lace wedding dress, ivory net & lace flat shoes and half head flower crown of ivory roses on a grey satin eiderdown

As well as her bridal bouquet which is included in the elopement package, Hannah ordered a half hair crown from our elopement florist Amanda of Flowers et al, a flower collar for Molly the dog and some flowers for the wedding cake.   Hannah wanted the flowers to be cream and blush with lots of foliage.   Tick, job done on that score.

bride with half head flower crown and bridal bouquet of ivory and blush roses reflected in a mirror

close up of bride wearing a half head flower crown of whie roses and foliage with long brown hair

golden retriever dog wearing floral collar of pink roses and ivy

And the main flower event, ie the bouquet with roses, hellebores, pieris and lilac.

close up of bride holding bouquet of blush and ivory roses hellebores lilac and pieris
bride walking into outdoor wedding ceremony with golden retriever dog straining at her leash

Hannah & Ed got married in glorious sunshine on the terrace with Molly the dog and 2 parents as witnesses.  Molly won the best dressed guest award for her flower collar which lasted really well (doesn’t always happen, depends on your dog!).  After the wedding ceremony, the champagne was poured and the celebrations began – at last they were married!

bride and groom chinking champagne flutes with wedding guests outside

wooden board of canapes being held by server dressed in black

Hannah & Ed wanted a ‘elegant and romantic but down to earth’ feel to the decor so that’s what we did.  A round table set for 4 people with silver grey table cloth, rose gold matte sequin runner and soft gold and mixed metallic candle holders set the mood.   The bridal bouquet was the centrepiece of the table in a fuss free white matte vase.  Silver grey water glasses and crystal wine glasses added sparkle.

close up of tablescape with pink rose centrepiece gold candleholders sequin table runner and sheepskin rugs

The mini wedding cake by Boo To A Goose was a semi naked, white chocolate and raspberry sponge decorated with fresh flowers from Flowers et al.   To go with the romantic but laid back feel, we set up the cake on a glass cake stand with candles on one of our oak barrels.

semi naked small wedding cake decorted with fresh blush apricot roses and foliage placed on an oak barrel with lit tealights in shades of white and pinkHannah & Ed booked Clare for an extra hour so they had plenty of time for great couple shots

bride and groom in landscaped gardens with red camellias touching foreheads

bride and groom full length sideways on under a wooden apex with winter woods in the background touching foreheads

bride and groom in oak frame apex with clouds and blue sky ahead and spring bulbs in potsand of course there were plenty of shots with Molly the dog.   Here are some of Molly’s best moments…

close up of golden retriever dog on a lead looking at the camera in front of a bride and groom getting married

golden retriever dog at eye level with wooden board of canapes

bride with bouquet kneeling down outside to pet a golden retriever dog on a slate patio

golden retriever dog on a leash sniffing a bridal bouquet of roses being held by a bride

bride sitting on an oak bench under red camellia bush looking at kneeling groom next to gold retriever dog wearing a floral collar

Tell me she didn’t have a great wedding!

We love dogs at weddings so if you’d like your equivalent of Molly the dog to be at your wedding – drop me a line at   You’ll find our dog policy over on the FAQ page so have a read of that – bottom line your dog needs to be well behaved and friendly to dogs and people.   Tick those boxes and you’re good to invite them along to your wedding.