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Shine a (tea) light…

By November 21, 2018February 7th, 2019Uncategorized
Candle light wedding decor Photographer: Lucy Turnbull

wedding decor

I love a wedding tea light.  Seriously, they’re a great way of adding natural flickering light and can bring so much to your wedding decor making it extra warm, inviting and romantic.


Photographer: Clare Kinchin

venues and candles

Candles at weddings can be controversial.  Quite a few venues won’t let you have any real flame candles at weddings so make sure you check before you book.   We on the other hand love a real candle!   We have LED candles in our steel and wooden lanterns because they need big ole candles which mean each one needs blowing out individually at the end of each wedding.   Someone has to pick up each lantern, open the door, blow out the candle, shut the door and put the lantern down.  Time consuming!   So we have big LED candles for our bigger lanterns.  On remote control.  I know!   Just one flick of a button and hey presto, they all go out!   Love that lil gadget…

real candles

So back to the wedding tea lights and the real flames.   One of the reasons I love tea lights is they don’t need blowing out at the end of the night – yay!  We provide free candles for all our wedding tea lights (yep, included in the price) and good to know we supply the 8 hour candles so that they don’t need to be replaced half way through the evening (PITA) and we don’t need to blow them out at the end of the evening, they just burn themselves out – one job saved.

Photographer: Clare Kinchin

Whether you’re into a woodland wedding feel, all bark and natural materials or full on glam with all the bling or something elegant and contemporary, we’ve got wedding tea lights in our collection to suit your wedding style. From white and blush pink, mercury or frosted, white or silver sequins, a touch of the metallics with bronze, copper, gold or silver, classic white frosted or diamante – we’ve got ’em all.   We love to mix and match them so that each wedding looks different (yep, all our weddings look different, we’re no wedding factory here).  And best of all, the selection (plus all candles) to suit your wedding are included absolutely free of charge in our price.  You’re welcome.

Photographer: Clare Kinchin

Photographer: Clare Kinchin

taper candles

We do have one restriction on candles, no open flames or taper candles.   That’s why the tea lights are so great.   Not only do they look fab, they’re super practical because the flame is low and protected by the container.  Taper candles are a wedding venue owner’s nightmare.  The candles burn down and can set fire to flowers and foliage, guests accidentally lean over them and catch their clothes and/or hair on fire and if guests bash into the table, they wobble and fall over – none of that is good.

So having experienced some of those things (thankfully no-one has actually set their hair on fire – shudder…) we now don’t allow real taper candles to be lit.   You can have them without lighting them (see the pic below) or you can now get LED taper candles (although the good ones are pretty expensive).   The days of candelabras with real flowers and lit candles are pretty much over now –

Photographer: Andy Gaines

too hazardous and not just because they took years off my life every time we had them.

free candles included

If you haven’t picked your wedding reception venue yet, make sure you ask what their policy is on candles and whether they include them in their package free of charge.  (they probably don’t) and if they don’t, come to us!   We’d love to get on board with you and help you have your lovely wedding in Devon.   Go right ahead and email me at and ask how we can help you.

bridal bouquet blush pink dark anenome sequin runner tea lights

Photographer: Clare Kinchin