summer wedding availability

2020 summer wedding availability

If you’re looking for summer wedding availability here in 2020 then I’m reeeeeally sorry but we’re all outta dates.  Booo.  Weddings get booked up a year to 18 months in advance.  There are always exceptions to that.   We’ve already got bookings for 2022 that were made in 2019.  And we had a booking for this summer in December with only 6 months to go.  So it’s always worth checking with us for dates.

bride & groom outdoor wedding photography
Photo: Emily Mahon

2021 availability

But never fear, there’s another summer next year and we’ve got dates left for that – yay!

So going into 2021, summer wedding availability is good.   We’ve got at least least one Saturday a month available from May to September.   That covers early spring to early autumn.  Also includes the school summer holidays which are usually (but not always) the most popular months of the year.

which month?

If you’re wondering which month to go for, you can take a tour round our real weddings page.  Each real wedding will tell you the month the couple got married.  That shows you what the gardens look like at that time of year.  Of course it’s not an exact science, Mother Nature is sometimes a bit earlier or later in a year but you’ll get the general gist.

bride & groom outdoor wedding photography
Photo: Freckle Photography

have you got the brochure?

Don’t forget to download our summer brochure – just click on one of the buttons around the site or go to the get in touch page.

bride & groom outdoor wedding photography
Photo: Dan Ward

PS are you following us on Insta?   We post wedding stuff there every day, so pop over and check it out.

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