An elopement wedding date just came available for April 2019

Are you looking for an elopement date in April 2019?

I’m here to give you an update on our 2019 elopement availability.  April is the most popular month in our elopement calendar.  Hardly surprising as things start to warm up and the garden comes back to life after the winter months.   So all our elopement  dates for April 2019 have been booked for a while.  But…

real elopement at ever after louise and rebeccaYesterday one of our booked elopement couples asked to move their wedding from April to December which we were happy to do.  Unlike a lot of other venues, we don’t make a charge if you change your date to another one we’ve got available.  If you need to change your date for some reason, just email me and I’ll let you know which alternative dates we’ve got available.  You pick a new date, I send out new t&c’s for signing with your shiny new date and ta da!  New wedding date sorted.

Soooo the new April date that has just come available today is Thursday 4th April 2019 – does that sound like your wedding date?!

real elopement at ever after cassie and thomas2018 elopement date availability

As I’m here, I figure I may as well run through our current availability for the rest of 2018.   October and November are fully booked (I just booked our last November 2018 date yesterday) and we have one date left in December 2018 which is Thursday 6th December 2018.  That’s it – just one lil elopement date left for 2018!   If you’re fixing to get hitched elopement style this year, you’d better grab that date right now.

2019 elopement date availability

If that last 2018 date is not your elopement wedding date, let’s take a peek at the 2019 elopement availability.   First off, the first half of the 2019 elopement season.  You already know 4th April 2019 is our only April date left.   We’ve got 2 dates left in March, both Mondays – they’re 4th and 25th March 2019.

real elopement at ever after heather and thomasWe’ve got a couple of dates in February and next year we’re closed in January so there are only a few dates left for the first half of the 2019 elopement season.

If you thought elopement weddings were last minute bookings – think again!  We’re nearly fully booked for October 2019 – yep we take elopement bookings 18 months in advance.  The dates are that popular and as we know, they ain’t printing any more dates.

I’m going to be making an announcement soon about 5 summer elopement dates for next year so if a summer elopement sounds like your thing – be sure to pop back to get all the deets about that.

For now, you can download the current winter elopement wedding brochure here.   Take a look at our real elopement weddings here and sit back and dream about your own Ever After elopement wedding with the help of our elopement films here.  And if you’ve got any questions, including an update on our up to date 2019 elopement availability, you can drop me a line to [email protected]

even more elopement love at ever after

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