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2018 09 11 00242020 availability

A few years ago if couples booked their venue a year in advance, that was considered pretty on it.  Now, not so much.  We’ve taken bookings already for 2021 – that’s what you call on it these days.  Some couples have a particular date they want and only that date will do – early booking is essential for that.

Usually the school summer holidays go first, especially as we don’t charge more for peak season – it’s the same price whichever month of the summer season you book, from the beginning of May through to the end of September.

June 2020

For some reason June 2020 has been super popular and this week I booked the last Saturday for 2020 – we have no more Saturday dates left for June 2020.   2020 availability for other months is still pretty good, we’ve got at least one Saturday for each month from May to September.

Smaller guest list?

If you have a smaller guest list, there’s still a way to get married here in June 2020 – yay!  You can either book one of our midi mid-week weddings which is perfect for a wedding with no more than 20 guests.   Those weddings are held on Wednesdays only and we’ve got 2 Wednesdays left for June 2020 so if June is a must-have month for you – it’s still possible!  We’ve got good 2020 availability for MMW’s for our other summer months May to September.   You can find all the deets for our MMW over here on our MMW weddings page.

The other alternative is a micro wedding with no more than 8 guests.   From 2019 we’re offering 1 summer elopement date a month from May through to September and we’ve got one date available in June 2020.   You can download the summer elopement brochure right here.

2018 09 11 0029Other dates

We’ve got at least one Saturday for a wedding with up to 120 guests for every other summer month in 2020 except June. So that’s May, July, August and September.  Phew.  Are you ready to book your romantic, outdoor wedding?  You are?!  What are you waiting for?   Get in touch right now and take the next step towards getting your dream wedding.  Email me at [email protected]

2018 09 11 0027

All photos in this post courtesy of First Light Wedding Photography 


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