Want to get married by candlelight? A change in the law last month means that you can…

A wedding by candlelight…so romantic.

The law in England meant that couples could only get married between sunrise and sunset, in practice that meant between 8 am and 6 pm.    My friends in the States have always been disbelieving that you couldn’t choose to have an evening ceremony in this country.   Well now you can.  A change in the law last month (October 2012) means that County Councils have the right to make their own rules and extend the times during which they will supply their Registrars for marriage ceremonies.

Here in Devon, the Council has extended the ceremony times up to and including midnight so a candlelit wedding is now a possibility.   Not all County Councils and not all venues will offer this service so you need to check with your own Council and your own venue.

We’re going to be doing a series of articles about evening weddings looking at:

  • are there any special considerations with an evening ceremony
  • what does an evening ceremony mean for photographs
  • what effect does an evening ceremony have on your wedding reception
  • tips to make the evening ceremony look and feel extra special

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