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Wedding Party Duties – Best Man

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Being asked to be the best man is such a huge honour but with it comes great responsibility.

Now correct me if I’m wrong, and maybe I am stereotyping ever so slightly? But when a lad is asked to be the best man, I’d take bets that the first thing that comes to mind is pulling off an epic stag weekend. 

Don’t get me wrong, that is an incredibly important task, but I think some would be shocked to find out there’s a bit more to the job…

Best Man – Moral Support, Councillor and Confidant

Planning a wedding can be stressful. The best man is the grooms go-to-guy, any stresses, night terrors, whatever is bothering him, he needs to be able to trust in you.
It’s likely that you’re already the grooms best bud, you’ve been there for the ups and downs that led to this moment. He probably asked you for advice on the engagement ring, how he should propose and where?
So I’m sure you’re already on the right tracks and have done a sterling job so far. Just don’t forget to check in on your mate during the lead up to the big day, he may need a set of ears to unload on.

And it’s technically your job to be those ears.

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Groomsmen or Ushers – Introduction

Assuming the Venue has been booked, a date is set and the wedding is well on its way. It’s your responsibility to make sure the groomsmen or ushers have been introduced.

There’s a chance you’ll be able to bypass this step if the happy couple has already organised an engagement party and managed to get everyone together beforehand, but if not, this is YOUR job buddy!

Your best bud may well have other friends you haven’t met before, I know shock horror! You may have never met his cousins or brothers either?

This is your opportunity to gather all the boys together, a kind of pre-stag get-together.

If you all live close by then organise an evening to all grab a pint. If things aren’t that simple, it might be an idea to take advantage of technology and set up a group WhatsApp chat.

It’s important to break the ice and get to know each other before the real celebrations begin.

Shopping for Formalwear

I know I used that word… every mans worst fear! SHOPPING!
And even worse you’ve got make sure all the groomsmen order their attire in a timely manner.

Hmm, this Best Man thing actually requires quite a bit of organisation. Just remember why you’re doing it, your best mate deserves it!

So back to ‘shopping’ – It’s your duty to help the groom pick out his suit and the groomsmen attire.

Once they’ve been chosen, you need to make sure they all fit and tailored appropriately.

Travel & Accommodation

Another not so exciting best man job, but still essential. Make sure all groomsmen have booked appropriate travel and hotels with plenty of time before the date. If possible, this is your chance to save a bit of cash and pair up groomsmen to share travel and accommodation.

If you’d like to see more on our on-site accomodation, take a look here.

Planning the Stag Party

Hurrah! We’ve finally made it to the part you’ve actually been excited about organising.

When planning the Stag celebrations you do need to check in with the groom first. Find out what ideas he has in mind. Does he want a weekend away? Stay close to home? A wild night out or something a little tamer?

Be sure to plan something to the groom’s taste, not your own! You might get lucky and he’ll say surprise me… Then the celebrations really will unfold!
If that does happen, make sure you’re still catering to the schedules & budgets of the rest of the party. You don’t want it to flop because the guests couldn’t afford it or make a certain date.

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On the big day

Okay, all you’ve worked towards and prepared for is complete! Now to actually pull off your final and most important on the day duties.

Getting Ready

If the groom is traditionally spending the night before away from his bride to be, you the groom and groomsmen will probably spend the morning together.

It’s likely that the groom is going to be feeling nervous while you’re getting ready, this is the final build up to everything they’ve been planning for months or even years. So it’s your job to keep a chilled, upbeat environment. Play some cheesy singalong tunes, have a few drinks and just have fun. This is all part of the memories of his big day, make them ones to remember.

Lastly, before walking down the aisle make sure everyone’s tie is straight and they’re all wearing buttonholes if necessary.

Keeping to the Schedule

Ask the bride and groom for a timeline for the day so you are in the loop for how and when things should be running. Steal the title of ‘Wedding Planner’ or ‘Coordinator’ and tell the guests that who you are if you need to get people to stop goofing around and stick to the schedule.

The Rings

Ah yes, another well known important best man task. YOU are responsible for the wedding rings. Handy tip; Do not let them out of your sight, keep them in a safe place and check your pockets don’t have holes in them. I think that would be my worst fear as best man, so don’t do it.

Sign the Marriage license

The Marriage certificate is probably the most important part of the entire day – without it technically the couple aren’t actually married. Usually, the best man and maid of honour are the two witnesses to sign the license. (Unless the couple have chosen otherwise)

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Give Best Man Speech

This one usually comes with a lot of pressure, It’s the funny spool that the whole wedding party have been waiting for. You might think having a few drinks to settle your nerves is a good idea, but I can tell you right now, when you wake up the next morning and realise you were too sloshed to deliver your kick-ass speech and there’s a short video on repeat of you falling backwards off your chair making it viral on Facebook, you are going to want to pack your things and up and fly to some other country and not tell a soul.

So have a few, keep yourself calm, speak from the heart, and keep it short.

You’ll soon be relieved of your duties after it’s over, and you can finally let loose.

Maid of Honour – Dance

Its tradition for the best man and maid of honour to dance together when the guests are welcomed to the floor. If you’d prefer not to do this for whatever reason that’s totally fine, but it is still your duty to get up there and pull some shapes whether it is with the MOH or not. You need to encourage the other guests to get up there and have some fun.

Groomsmen – Rented Attire

That’s it! You’ve made it through the day and nailed I’m sure.
Your last responsibility is to make sure if anything was rented that is returned in a timely manner to avoid any extra charges.

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