Wedding Party Duties – Bridesmaid

Yay! You’ve been chosen to be a bridesmaid, one of the right-hand women… that’s awesome news, but don’t think that you’ve been chosen just to look pretty in the photos, which obviously you’re going to. But, let me remind you of a few things that are expected of you when taking on the title.

Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses

This is a fun job, so make sure that you make it one… don’t let it become stressful for the Bride. It’s on you to keep everything on an enjoyment level. Planning a wedding can have its strains and stresses and this job should not be one of them.
‘The dresses’ includes helping the bride choose hers!!! She needs a girlfriend by her side to tell her how great she looks (and how bad) – she’ll need honesty, so make sure you give your opinion without being too nasty.

You’ll also be expected to have an input on the bridesmaid dresses. This may be a little more than just your opinion. Be prepared to fork out some cash as it is a dress bought to fit you.

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Planning the Hen Party

As a chosen bridesmaid you get to try your hand in a bit of event planning. The maid of honour is probably going to need some help and ideas to pull this off so make sure you’re there to help her. This is meant to be the party of the year after all (obviously apart from the actual wedding)! So make sure you have your head screwed on and think of all the details that are going to make this party the one to remember.

When planning the Hen celebrations you do need to check in with the bride first. Find out what ideas she has in mind. Does she want a weekend away? Stay close to home? A wild night out or something a little tamer?

Make sure you’re still catering to the schedules & budgets of the rest of the party. You don’t want it to flop because the guests couldn’t afford it or make a certain date.

Bridesmaid – Moral Support, Councillor and Confidant

I know, I know, you’ve been this girls friend for years now. You know the story!

You don’t need reminding to continue being her friend during the lead up to the big day. All I’m saying is to be aware of how she’s feeling, this wedding planning business can be pretty stressful. It can really stir up some family relationships and you’d be surprised at how many people think they should have their say in how the day should run. Be prepared to be a good listener, your main girl might need to vent more than once during the lead-up.

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On the big day

This is it, all you’ve worked towards and prepared for is done! Now to actually pull off your final and most important of tasks. 

Getting Ready – Bridal Party

If the bride is traditionally spending the night before away from the groom, then you’ll probably be staying with her.

It’s likely that the bride is going to be feeling nervous while you’re getting ready, this is the final build up to everything they’ve been planning for months or even years. So it’s your job to keep a chilled, upbeat environment. Play some cheesy singalong tunes, have a few drinks and just have fun. This is all part of the memories of her big day, make them ones to remember.

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Keeping to the Schedule

Being part of the bridal party means that you need to keep an eye on how things are running throughout the day. Ask the bride and groom for a timeline for the day so you are in the loop for how and when things should be running. Work together with the best man and ushers and if you need to crack the whip to get people to stop goofing off then, by all means, do it.

Sign the Marriage License

The Marriage certificate is probably the most important part of the entire day – without it technically the couple aren’t actually married. Usually, the maid of honour & the best man are the two witnesses to sign the license. (Unless the couple have chosen otherwise)

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Dancing Shoes

Finally! As Bridesmaid you need to make sure you’re owning that dance floor. It’s not always easy to get the crowd moving, but you need to get them feeling confident and show them how it’s done. If there’s one time that you can’t be feeling shy is right now at this moment. Get up there and own it, girlfriend!

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