Wedding Stationery – The Options Part 1

Wedding stationery is one of those things that completes a wedding, but at the same time seems like a total waste of money. Am I right? I’m an actual stationery nerd, and when I was originally setting my wedding budget I put aside a lot of money for my stationery. But when they the time came to crunch those numbers, the wedding stationery – along with the wedding favours – became far less important and lost 75% of their funding. Austerity and all that!

So, what actually are your stationery options? I’ve done my research and I’ve summarised for you (you’re welcome). In short, you’ve essentially got 3 options; DIY, personalised & professional, and something in-between… In this blog post, I’ll be exploring options number 1 & 2. 

wedding stationery options part 1

Photo by Clare Kinchin

DIY Wedding Stationery

This is definitely the option I’ve seen the most of, and it’s getting increasingly more popular. Whilst there are a few elements of a wedding you might think you can DIY, I’d say your stationery is the safest one. Pinterest is full of ideas & inspiration, and you can find hundreds of tutorials on Youtube. 

If stationery isn’t really your forte, and you fancy a project, then this is the option for you. Set yourself a strict budget, (because believe me craft materials don’t come cheap!) and make sure you’ve got the time, patience, and motivation to follow through until the end. Your stationery won’t be perfect (unless you’re incredibly talented!) but it’ll be unique to you, and will almost definitely have saved some money (not time, mind you). 

wedding stationery options part 1

Photo by Freckle Photography

Personalised & Professional

If money isn’t an object or you have enough in the budget to spend on stationery, then definitely go for some incredibly stationery suites. Okay, I’m a little biased (stationery nerd and all that) but there are some incredible companies out there offering the most fantastic stationery. It would be rude not to invest!

You can opt for anything from hand painted watercolours, to your very own wedding venue painted exclusively for you and printed on all your invites, RSVPs, and orders of service. Yes, really! One amazing local stationery artist I came across is De Winton Paper Co. Her stationery suites are outstanding and she is super talented. And have a look at supplier listings on wedding blogs, such as Rock My Wedding, to find the ‘write’ company for you (terrible, terrible joke). 

wedding stationery options part 1

Photo from De Winton Paper Co

Next time…

In my next blog post I’ll be looking at your ‘somthing-in-between’ wedding stationery options. Stay tuned!

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