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Wedding Tradition

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A wedding tradition I’m sure you’ve heard quoted over and over and probably even more since you got engaged. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…
The tradition infers that if you have all of the above on your wedding day, you will live a long and happy marriage.
 Some of us are superstitious and some aren’t! Whether you are on not, it’s still a fun tradition that has been seen incorporated for years. Figuring out new ways to include these items is all part of the fun of planning your big day!

Something old

The ‘Vintage’ trend doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere any time soon… Incorporating a family heirloom, or jewellery piece passed down through the generations is a stunning tribute.

Do some digging, speak to your family and find out what jewellery has been passed down. You may be pleasantly surprised to find out vintage is definitely your style. Either way, it’s something sentimental to include on your big day, a timeless piece of jewellery passed down from your grandmother will feel even more special worn on your big day.

This could be your perfect opportunity to incorporate some other elements to the tradition?

The jewellery could be blue? You could buy a new chain? and be sure to return the pendant after your big day?

something old, tradition, something blue, heirloom, jewellery, pendant, beautiful, family, passed down, generations, wedding traditions

Source: Pinterest

Something new

The something new tradition is another wonderful way to get creative.

Many brides buy or a have a wedding dress tailored brand new for their big day, and that definitely counts!
A recent bride brought along an absolutely stunning piece for her photos. A close friend of hers had painted on to a leather jacket the most wonderful personalised design.

What a statement piece? This is ‘new’ on another level, it is so unique that no other bride will have exactly the same.

If you love this idea as much as I do, take a look at some similar bespoke pieces you can get your hands on, on Etsy.

something new, tradition, pink lady, personalised, home made, artist, bright, flowers, beautiful, unique

Photographer: Clare Kinchin, Flowers: Amanda Randell

Something borrowed

Now to the something borrowed part… similarly to the other factors, many brides borrow jewellery or brooches.

Another piece that lots of brides consider borrowing is a veil. They’re a good classic item to borrow as they don’t really go out of style… and it’s an item most only ever wear once!

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Photographer: Clare Kinchin

Something Blue

The something blue part of the age-old saying is often incorporated fairly discreetly.
Many brides choose to have a blue garter or a simple blue piece of jewellery.

One of our recent brides made blue her signature colour and it looked absolutely fantastic. Her choice of shoes matched with her bouquet and table setting definitely hit the ‘blue’ criteria.

If you’d like to see more of Laura & Brad’s styling for their day, check it out on their real wedding page.

something blue, tradition, flowers, bouquet, veil, shoes, heels, baby blue, beautiful, details

Photographer: Clare Kinchin, Flowers: Amanda Randell

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