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Wedding trends 2015 part 3 – the ‘must-have’ flower trend

By January 15, 2015garden wedding

In part 1 and part 2 of this look at 2015 wedding trends, we looked at the point of trends and how you can use them to create a wedding personal to you rather than simply following a fashion.

Now we’re diving into the detail starting with FLOWERS, looking both at what the trends are and how they fit into the style and feel here at Ever After.

The articles on 2015 flower trends that I looked at all zeroed in on the ‘just picked’ look for wedding flowers for this year as being the most important trend.

2015-01-12_0001It’s essential to speak with your florist about how to achieve this look because in practice it’s harder than it looks.   That’s partly because a lot of wild flowers won’t hold up on a hot summer’s day without water even with the best conditioning in advance by the florist.   If you’re thinking of doing your flowers yourself, do read up on conditioning, what it means, how to do it and make sure you use flowers that can withstand being cut and out of water for a whole day – drooping blooms really aren’t part of the ‘just picked’ look!

The other reason that it’s harder than it looks is that floristry is not an art for no reason – it’s hard to make it look that easy.   The casual look is not casually achieved, so you might want to leave it to the experts.

Here are some of my favourite ‘just picked’ bouquets from our pinterest board, full credits on the board.  I think this trend fits so easily with the natural setting at Ever After, what could be better than a bouquet that looks as though you could have picked it on the morning of your wedding from your surroundings?


 Is the hand-picked look one that appeals to you?

Take a look at our Pinterest board for more wedding flower inspiration on this 2015 wedding trend and other wedding bouquet styles.