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Whiskey and Cigar Lounge – recline in our art deco inspired lounge

Week-who-knows of lockdown and I for one am CRAVING a different setting – Whiskey and cigar lounge anyone?  I am dreaming or it – a little way to transport your guests into a relaxing, unique setting. oooh sounds delightful…

Whiskey and Cigar Lounge

There’s a lot to see at Ever After, but if you want to add an extra splash of beauty to your wedding I suggest you take a look at our Whiskey and Cigar Lounge. The perfect place to relax. Set up in a small marquee on the lawn, it’s the perfect set-up for your guests to sit. From the whiskey lounge you can see down the lawn – so the adults can sip on their whiskey and puff a cigar whilst watching the kids play…what more could you want?

Dan Ward Photography

It really feels like a microcosm in our Whiskey and Cigar Lounge – you’re instantly transported into an old sports club. You won’t regret it when you’re sitting in our comfy aviator chairs and with persian rug beneath your feet. Equipped with decanters, glasses and a crocodiles skull. *No crocs were harmed in the process – its faux*

This dreamy set up draws inspiration from art deco. And to top it all off, it’s exclusive to us. Meaning we don’t hire it out and you can’t get it anywhere else – wahoo!

Dan Ward photography

You can either opt for a bundle where we supply the cigars and whiskey, or you can bring you own – it’s completely up to you. We are happy to help with recommendations if you need.

And if you want to pair this beauty with our champagne and gin lounge – we won’t blame you…I’ll talk about that in my next blog though. Like this lounge, it deserves all the attention of a separate post.

If you’re interested just drop us an email! It does come at an extra cost, but we think its a bargain.

More photos of our venue? Take a gander through our IG feed