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elopement availability

If you’re looking at our uber stylish elopement weddings and thinking one of those might suit you, you might be wondering about availability.

You probably already know that most bigger weddings get booked up 2 years in advance but what about elopement weddings?   How far ahead do they get booked?

I’m here to give you the low-down on our elopement dates.   Hands down the most popular months are April and October, because they’re closest to summer.  So those dates go first.

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April 2018 is already fully booked, so is October 2018.  So couples are now booking April and October 2019 if they want those spring and end of summer dates.

We’ve got availability for November and December 2018 but I’ve only got 2 dates left in December this year now.

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So that’s what going on with our 2018 elopement availability.  Do you have a month in mind?

Our elopement weddings are super popular (and why not, everything laid on for you, what’s not to love?) but don’t think you can book a date for next month.  Nope, you’ve got to get organised and book well in advance.   So what do you need to do to get booked?  Here’s a handy checklist for you:

  • download our brochure here
  • read our FAQ’s here
  • download the food menus here
  • contact me at [email protected] to check our availability (it changes all the time)
  • if we have a date to suit you, ask me to hold your date for 7 days & I’ll send you our t&c’s and a deposit invoice
  • you book the registrar (for info on fees and process, download our handy helpsheet here), sign our t&c’s, pay your deposit and walla – you’re booked!

You can visit the venue before or after your book.   Most elopement couples don’t visit us until their wedding date, it’s up to you.

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