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woodland weddings part 5

By March 1, 2019July 30th, 2019woodland wedding

woodland wedding pics

if you haven’t read the previous woodland wedding photo blog posts, you can do so just by clicking below and I’ll see you back here when you’ve done that…

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real autumn woodland wedding

Today I’m going to share some never before seen shots of Leanne & Sam’s wedding.   They had an elopement wedding here on a glorious October day that felt more like summer.   Having seen some of our previous woodland weddings, Leanne & Sam knew they wanted to take some time out together and have some woodland photos they could treasure.  Amber of Liberty Pearl took these lovely couple portraits for them in our woods.

First of all you need to get to the woods.   They’re literally just outside our back gate so you can just stroll to them.   If you wanted to go further afield and get deep into the woods, you might need some transport.   We laid that on together with the lovely S as their chauffeur.   Don’t you just have boot envy with Leanne’s gorgeous biker boots – so chic with her wedding dress!

bride groom elopement quadbike

Once in the woods, Amber got Leanne & Sam to just be together, to treasure the fact they’d just got MARRIED and here they were having their first photos as a married couple.

bride groom devon woods autumn

The bracken which in summer is leafy green has turned to copper and bronze by October which Amber captured perfectly above.   See how by slightly adjusting the height, Amber makes the trees a much bigger focus in the shot below which gives the trees themselves much more of a presence.

bride groom standing Devon woodland

I love these shots looking at Leanne & Sam from behind – so intimate and with oodles of love all around…

Walking through the woods together

And then down to the river together…

And then it’s back up the river back to the path.  Time for a bit of gallantry which I love.

Ah I do love a groom with a bridal bouquet…

And then it’s back to the venue for more champagne and a chat with the guests about the adventure

I just want to let you into a lil secret about Leann’s gorgeous flowers.   The bridal bouquet was of course designed by our favourite elopement florist, the lovely Amanda Randell.  Amanda can also make a flower crown as an additional extra.   Our bride Leanne had already bought a flower crown cheap off eBay and as luck would have it (because it could have been a disastrous combination) despite the fact Amanda hadn’t seen the flower crown in advance, the bouquet was the MOST perfect fit for the crown.  I know, right? A lil bit spooky…

your woodland wedding

So if this lil series of posts has whetted your appetite for your own woodland wedding – get in touch and let’s see if we’ve got a date to suit you.   I’d love to hear from you and hear about your dreams for a woodland wedding and which pics you’ve got in mind.  Let’s get you a woodland wedding in our lovely corner of Devon.  Email me at