Your Postponed Wedding – What to do on your Would-Be-Wedding

If you want to do something special on your postponed wedding date, look no further…

So far, 2020 feels like an eternity – it’s a year that has thrown a lot at us already. Unsurprisingly, this has resulted in a LOT of people having to rearrange their wedding. I’m sitting here thinking of my lovely brother and his lovely fiancé. They were due to get married here at Ever After – then the pandemic hit…

As a family, (and as a company), we know what it’s like to have to your day postponed. Believe you me, we are no strangers to the effort put into planning a wedding – money, time, emotional energy! SO to commemorate your Would-Be-Wedding (the date that you’ve ingrained in your mind since the day you booked!) – I’m here to give you a few ideas on how to celebrate it.

A Bottle of Bubbly

Either you have one lying around for a special occasion, or you splash a little bit of cash to get a bottle. It doesn’t matter WHAT you drink, just give a little toast to yourselves…and your love! After all, thats what this is all about.

Lucy Turnball Photography

Get Dressed and Cook

When you’re on lockdown, getting dressed isn’t a priority…(guilty, I’m typing this in my PJ’s). On the night of your postponed wedding, get dressed up, put on a nice suit, put on a nice dress, wear makeup and do your hair…(if that’s what you’re into). It’ll make it feel more special…

Lucy Turnball Photography

Lucy Turnball Photography

If you’re into cooking, try out a new recipe and play your wedding playlist whilst you do it…(or if you’re feeling ambitious – an adaption of your wedding breakfast?!) If you’re not such a whizz in the kitchen, order in something special (if you’re not too strapped for cash).

Lucy Turnball Photography

Lucy Turnball Photography

Your First Dance

Play your first dance song, and just dance…

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Exchange Your Vows

If you don’t want to wait another year, take a moment and say your vows to each other. It’ll make it all the more special when you’re doing it for real because you’ll be able to live off the memory of your mini-lockdown-wedding.

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Phone Your Loved Ones

There are SO many apps out there to video call. It feels like all I do is catchup with people on zoom, skype, or facetime at the moment. If you want to open your mini-lockdown-wedding to your loved ones, call them. Parents/Family/Close friends get very emotionally invested in wedding planning (as I’m sure you know), so get them involved! Play your party playlist and have a wiggle online together! They could even read their speech to you if you wanted…

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Recreate Your First Date

If you want to wait for your new date to exchange your vows and hear your speeches then don’t worry. You could always recreate your first date, or a memory that is special to both of you. The most important thing is that you spend time together, laugh, have fun, get tipsy…

Lucy Turnball Photography

Despite the disappointment of your postponed wedding, enjoy yourself.

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Hope you’re all staying safe!