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If fabrics aren’t your thing not to worry… Luckily they are mine! I work in the fashion industry in my day job, so I’m making it my mission to help you suit lovers out on all things fabric!

The short version is to always go for a natural fabric…not only do they have a normally nicer hand-feel but they also are the best for keeping your body temperature stable and breezy!

Wedding days are full on (100% worth it!) – you’ll be constantly moving, not to mention the heartwarming nerves of marrying the love of your life! So for those moments you might be overheating (your speech?!), or at your drinks reception when the sun beams down whilst you sip a nice cold beverage you’re going to want to be comfortable. Opting for a lighter weight fabric is a perfect way to ensure that you get the flexibility you need in a suit, whilst keeping cool (whilst looking your best!).

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Let’s talk Linen

Linen is a beautiful fabric for suiting, it has an open weave so is nice and breezy – great for keeping you cool! It has naturally moisture wicking properties which means your suit will have your back if you get a little sweaty…(no sticky discomfort)

Now – linen has a naturally creased look to it which will just be emphasised throughout the day so if you’re someone who doesn’t like that look linen won’t be the fabric for you. If you’re someone who appreciates the crumpled look it’s a relaxed-stylish way to suit and boot!

Wonderful Wool

I know what you’re thinking – ‘wool?! for my summer wedding?!’…I’m not crazy I promise.

Although a heavyweight suit would be too much (the kind that leaves a few animals feeling kinda naked in a field somewhere) a lightweight wool is ideal for a the summer. Wool is known for its clever properties…it keeps the warmth in when it’s chilly out and lets body heat out when it’s hot. This could mean it’s the perfect for the transition to the evening time. It’ll keep you cold when you’re saying your vows in the summer heat and will keep you (or your partner) warm when the evening creeps in and the fairy lights illuminate your perfect day! (Top tip: go for an open weave again – its more breathable).

Wool feels soft and luxurious so does come with a price tag. If you can’t afford something with 100% wool, try searching for a blend (it’ll be cheaper!).

Wool is less likely to crinkle like linen, you’ll stay looking sharp through the biggest day of your life!


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Photographer: Little Red Book Photography – Dave & Mac


Keeping it Cool with Cotton

It’s a well known fact that cotton keeps ya cool, that why its everywhere – in our bedsheets, t-shirts and jerseys. Cotton’s a very trusty fabric (although is prone to a crease or two), and comes in lots of different weaves.  Though not a your standard suit choice (its harder to drape on the body so you won’t get the definition of a wool or silk suit) but it’s for a more relaxed look.

Splash out on Silk

Theres no chance you won’t feel your best in a silk suit. If you’re looking luxury and you have the budget to do so then silk is your fabric! It’s beautiful to look at and soft to touch, being a natural fibre (thanks silk worms!) it’s breathable and naturally regulates your temperature whilst draping on the body beautifully.

…and Remember

The most important thing is you feel your best and look your best, go for something soft – you don’t want to spend your day secretly itching yourself! Remember, suits are expensive and an important investment so do your research and make the decisions that will suit you best.


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