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Your wedding experience; the middle ground… So at the beginning of the month I chatted about wedding priorities from a guest’s point of view. And then chatted about the things that aren’t so important, both to you as a couple on your wedding day and to the guests. But there’s a whole other category I’m yet to explore. Your wedding experience. The things that really don’t matter much to guests on the day itself, but are actually crucial to your day and the memories which you’ll create.

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The Photographer

On the day – unless the photographer is exceptionally useless (it happens) – guests probably won’t pay much attention to the photographer. And they won’t know whether they were worth their money or not. However, a photographer – the right photographer – is one of the most important parts of your wedding day, irrelevant to guest experience.

your wedding experience blog post ever after blog

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The photos captured on your wedding day are one of the only lasting memories you will have. As time passes, the emotion of the day I’m sure will never leave you, but the details of the day will. You might even forget what you looked like, what your bridesmaid wore, what the weather was like. The photos you have will last forever, and I cannot emphasise how important they are.

And behind the photos is a photographer. People underestimate the power of a good photographer, and the difference it makes. A good photographer isn’t just measured on their ability to edit photos, it’s about how they capture your day, how they manage your time, and how the cope with the unforeseen. Of course, it’s hard to know these things just based on their photographs. It’s good to speak to your already chosen suppliers or other industry professionals who may have worked with the photographers you’re considering and can give constructive and professional advice.

your wedding experience blog post ever after blog

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Another thing to consider is the style of photography you want. There are many, many good photographers around, but not all of them will be right for you as a couple. And always make sure you’ve looked through an entire portfolio of a wedding (preferably multiple weddings) so you know that their photos & editing style is consistent. That way you know they’re not just showing you a handful of their best images (as the rest could be dreadful!). If they’re reluctant to show you a whole wedding then that tells you everything you need to know.


The Wedding Dress (and other outfits)

Well, it just wouldn’t be a blog post of mine without mentioning the wedding dress (sorry, not sorry). Don’t get me wrong, guests will take a huge interest in your wedding dress. But, it won’t affect their experience of the day. Your wedding experience, however, is practically defined by your wedding dress (I would say I’m over exaggerating but I just can’t bring myself to…).

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And harking back to my post about your wedding not just being about one day, the wedding dress (and all the shopping that comes along with it) makes up such an integral part of your experience as a bride. It’s not essential to your guests experience, but it is absolutely (definitely, 100%) essential to yours. I don’t know about you but I would never go to an important event dressed in something I wasn’t totally comfortable with, and that rule is soo much more apparent for your own wedding day (obviously).

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And of course the groom’s outfit is essential to his experience too. Although maybe not as important, he still needs to be happy, comfortable, and feeling like he looks a million dollars. (Because, naturally, you’re going to look like 2 million dollars…).

There is also the bridal posse to consider, too. Guaranteed the guests won’t really care what colour the usher’s ties are and whether the bridesmaids are wearing halter-neck or strapless. However, these outfits are still important to both you as a couple and the people wearing them. Time and consideration will go into each person’s attire, so it’s important that a decision everyone is happy with is made.

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Your Wedding Experience

Those are just a few things that really will matter to you, both on the day and as time passes. But what will make your wedding experience the best ever is if you relax, stay calm, and just enjoy yourself. Whatever happens will happen, and as long as you have supportive friends & family and amazing suppliers, then it will be okay. Take some time out with your new spouse to just take in the day. That could be when you go off together for photos, or just a moment of holding hands amongst the noise & commotion. Whatever it is, just put that time aside for yourselves because all of this is really is just about you and your future together.


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