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elopement announcement

I mentioned a while back that we would be announcing something new about our elopement weddings.

First there was the announcement that we’re stopping the big weddings and we’re moving to summer elopements in summer 2023.  Read about that here.

Then we launched the new ceremony only package which is available in summer and winter – you can read all about that here.

And now another elopement announcement – yay!  This one’s been a while in the making as it took rather longer than expected.  Probably COVID and all that although tbh I can’t really remember why it’s taken so long to finish things…

ceremony space

But finally here we are – ready to tell you and show you (virtually because you know, COVID and we’re shut down again) a new choice for your winter ceremony space.   Til now you’ve had the choice of the wedding barn or the glass roof terrace.

The wedding barn isn’t heated and has one open side.   It can be chilly in the winter but we provide sheepskin rugs and hot water bottles for guests.  You’ll still be able to have the wedding barn if you prefer.

elopement wedding ceremony wood arch stone floor fairy lights
Clare Kinchin

The glass roof terrace has an open fire so is very popular as a ceremony space in the winter.   We make it nice and cosy for you.

elopement ceremony back drop macrame frame white protea sheepskins
Clare Kinchin

Now we have a third option that’s been licensed by Devon County Council for wedding ceremonies.

main house access

You access it through the front door of the main house.

country house front door painted grey rustic door wreath
Clare Kinchin
country porch entrance slate floor console table round mirror
Clare Kinchin

There are toilet facilities in the porch and a place for guests to hang their coats and leave any bags they want.

country porch entrance boot room
Clare Kinchin

They then step straight from the porch into the ceremony room.  (We’re searching for a name for it so if you think of anything fabulous, let me know!)

country house living room William Morris wallpaper wood floor pink sofa
Clare Kinchin

garden views

The ceremony room has large windows with views out to the garden.   The room looks out onto the rhododendron bank so it always looks green even in mid-winter.

Country house living room William Morris wallpaper summer by May wood floor
Clare Kinchin
country house living room green rug William Morris wallpaper mustard sofa wood floor
Clare Kinchin

There’s an open fire and panelled walls so it always feels warm and cosy.  Low lighting gives the room an inviting feel.   There’s plenty of comfy seating for your maximum of 8 guests.

country house living room mustard sofa cushions bookcase William Morris wallpaper
Clare Kinchin
country house panelled wall antler lights open fire wood floors rug
Clare Kinchin

The space is suitable for arrival drinks so if you wanted guests to have drinks before the ceremony they could be served here.  The Registrars have a strict rule that no alcohol can be served in the ceremony room an hour before the ceremony so if you’re serving alcoholic drinks before your ceremony, then pre-ceremony drinks need to be served either in an ante room or the wedding barn.

drinks reception

After the ceremony we’ll pop those champagne corks and you can have your drinks reception in the ceremony room.   We’ll then take you down to the glass roof terrace to take your seats for your wedding breakfast.

cosy country house living room panelled wall William Morris wallpaper pink Chesterfield sofa wood floor beam rug
Clare Kinchin
country house living room panelled wall wet bar area
Clare Kinchin

You’re very welcome to have your drinks reception on the terrace or (subject to the weather) outside – the choice is yours.

This option of an indoor ceremony is available with both the main elopement package (2 night stay) or the ceremony only package but is ONLY available for the mid-winter months.  So that’s November, December, February and March.  Don’t forget we close in January every year.

making your choice

You don’t need to make a final decision about your ceremony space in advance if you’re on the main elopement package.  Usually the choice is weather dependent so it helps us to know in advance what your plan A is and when we’ll be thinking about plan B.  Most of our elopement couples don’t visit us in advance so haven’t seen the venue before they arrive the day before their wedding.   If you prefer to wait til you get here and then decide – that’s ok with us.  It doesn’t take us long to set up the ceremony space so we can do it for you on the day.

If you’re going with the ceremony only package, you arrive here on the day of your wedding so we do need to know before you arrive which ceremony space you want but don’t worry you can let us know by email or text on the day so we’re all ready when you get here.

Sooo, there you have it – if you’re getting married here in November, December, February or March you’ve got another choice to consider for your ceremony space.

country house living room Summer by May William Morris wallpaper bookcase mustard linen sofa
Clare Kinchin

brochure downloads

If you haven’t booked your elopement wedding with us already – you need to get onto that!  Download the elopement brochure below:

Elopement brochure

Then check out our real elopement weddings page – there’s a ton of fab weddings for you to look at, including ones from just a couple of weeks ago.

And when you’ve done all that, drop me a line and I’ll let you know our latest availability.   My email address?  Easy – [email protected] I’ll look forward to seeing you in my inbox!

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