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A simple reminder to enjoy yourselves!

By April 29, 2019Wedding tips

Your wedding day is often a day you’ve waited for your whole lives, it can be the most over whelming thing you will experience. Brides and Grooms tend to forget to enjoy their experience with so much going on, they worry about everything being right and going to plan.

Its hard not to switch off from the wedding planning mode when you have been planning this day for so long. The day comes and you struck with worry and anxiety about wanting everything to be perfect. Its time to stop panicking and relax. Here is my top advice for enjoying your big day.

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Trust in your wedding venue.

We are here for a reason. Trust in us to ensure that all of your plans go right. We’ve spent weeks/months even preparing for your wedding day. With numerous emails going back and forth to ensure we know exactly what you expect of your perfect day. Trust in us to make your dream come true.

Let us know your concerns.

Prepare us with your worries, what are you concerned about? What would you like us to keep our eye on? Pass all your worries onto us so that we can relieve the pressure off of your shoulders for the big day!

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Let go.

You’ve planned this day for a long time. Spent hours of worrying, adapting and re planning ideas so that your special day goes just right and making sure all of your guests will enjoy themselves. Now its your turn, the preparation is over. Whats going to happen will happen, just enjoy it. You have done your best to make everything perfect, its now time to let go and except fate. Enjoy all your hard work!

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Take time for yourselves.

Remember to take a minute or two for yourselves. This day isn’t coming around again. In the morning you will be rushing to get ready, relax, take a minute to stop and breath.

After the ceremony, you are newly weds! Congratulations! No one is expecting you to go straight over and greet your guests. Take your champagne and go for a stroll together as Bride and Groom to enjoy the moment.

In the evening, i bet your day has been hectic but amazing at the same time. Probably so overwhelming you don’t believe its real yet. Right? After all the food is done, the speeches are over, stand back and reminisce on the little parts that seems so important in preparation and where possible some of your concerns, but in reality you didn’t even notice on the day!

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