About us

(Not me, I mean YOU!)

Nicola Owner and Founder of Ever After: A Dartmoor Wedding

So, have you organised a wedding before?

If not, let me take a guess at some of the things keeping you up at night right now…

What if you pick the wrong venue? There are so many out there, right?

How far will your friends travel? 

What if you book a venue and then see something better? Venue envy & buyer remorse are not good things…

I hear you. I get it. It’s what everyone asks you when you get engaged, ‘when’ and ‘where’ are you getting married, so the venue decision is a biggie.

Your worries are officially over! When the lovely S and I got married in 2012 we built this venue for our own wedding, never thinking for a single moment that we’d open a wedding business. But having seen what we created, people suggested we open it to other couples and here we are a few years later with hundreds of weddings and happy couples under our belts.

There are lots of venues and it’s important to pick one you like the look of (obvs) but also with people you like the sound of.   So I want to show you who we are, what it’s like to have a wedding here and what other couples have said who had the same worries as you.

What’s our story?

The lovely S and I met in 2005, in the days when we were the only people we knew who’d admit they’d met through online dating. We were (and still are) thrilled that online dating gave us a way to find each other, we would probably never have met otherwise.  Actually it turns out we might have met back in the 80’s when we lived just down the road from each other in London (Tooting Broadway as it happens). But we didn’t meet then, (at least we don’t think so!) fate made us wait a few more years.

This is us outside the wedding barn on our wedding day, I love this tiny moment captured by our photographer just before walking in together to be married…

Nicola and Euan Owners and Founders of Ever After: A Dartmoor Wedding

So what’s it like to work with us?

We’ll be with you throughout the months (and years) of wedding planning. We’re not a faceless corporation with a management structure, it’s just us and we want you to have the wedding you want. Your wedding is about what suits you, not what suits us.

And if you’re not sure what kind of wedding you want, I’ve got thousands (and thousands but who’s counting) of pins on Pinterest to inspire you, stacks of real wedding pics so you can see what couples have done before, regular newsletters with wedding news and planning tips, a black book of amazing local suppliers and an unwavering enthusiasm for all things wedding.

I’m a graduate of the Niemierko wedding planning Academy and the lovely S and I are both graduates of the University of getting things done and problem solving. I bring my love of design, styling and gardening with a hefty dose of organisational wizardry and S brings his love of building stuff and creating things. If I ever mention something I think we should get, S is bound to say, “I can make you one of those” and usually does…

What do couples say about working with us?

“Nicola and all of the staff at Ever After really made our wedding the dream day we had imagined. Nicola was always contactable via email and readily answered the many, many, many questions we had for her in the two years running up to the big day. On the day we had absolutely nothing to worry about, the Ever After team ran the whole day seamlessly and if there were any issues we never knew about them!” – Alena and David

“We didn’t think a wedding for over 100 people could be stress-free; at Ever After they made it a complete breeze!” – Kate & Paddy

“Nicola you have been great! Always quick to reply and great at archiving all info that’s been requested sent through from day 1 to right up until the wedding. which means less for us to worry about! It was completely stress free working with Ever After due to the great detail and advice supplied just before the wedding e.g checklist and details sheet. the bridal cottage is also a dream with great supplies for the weekend!” – Georgia & Lee

See even more testimonials from happy couples

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What now?

I’ve got three ways to get you moving towards your dream wedding today…


Download a brochure…

Download our summer wedding brochure
Download our Midi Mid Week Brochure
Download our winter elopement brochure


If you’ve done that already and you love what you’ve seen so far, your next step is to email me right now, let me know when you want to come for a look round.   For a summer wedding I’d say a viewing is a must.   Most of our elopement couples book without viewing or visit after booking, whatever works best for you.


When the viewing’s in the diary, pop over and read our FAQ’s – there’s a ton of ‘em! A wedding is a big deal and there’s a lotta detail to cover, so grab a cuppa (or G&T the sun must be over the yard arm somewhere right?) and go and read all the nitty gritty. You’re going to need the answers to these questions, wherever you book your wedding. So even if you don’t book with us, you’ll be armed with pretty much every question you ever need to ask about a wedding venue. (You’re welcome.)

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