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Run out of alcohol?… You’ve got to be kidding!

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(Amy & Nick didn’t really run out of drinks, I just wanted to share that pic!) 

I am kidding, I promise, I guarantee you will not run out of alcohol here at Ever After!

Running out of drink is hideous at the best of times, but at your wedding?!  It really doesn’t bear thinking about, does it?

No corkage, you say?

If you book your wedding with us, you can bring your own drinks, we don’t charge corkage. I know, how fab is that?

It’s one of the biggest dilemmas for planning a wedding – how much drink do we need? And for some couples, despite their best guesses, they don’t get it right and they run out. Sounds like a disaster right?

Not here at Ever After because as we say to our couples, ‘we’ve got your back.’

Photographer: Luna Weddings

There’s no need to worry if you’re an Ever After couple because you’ve got the Ever After ninja wedding team behind you.

We want to reassure that you don’t need to worry if the worst that can happen – actually darn well happens.

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Photographer: Richard Murgatroyd

Not our first rodeo…

You may or may not be aware, be we have hosted a fair few weddings here at Ever After. So we know the score, and we know that things don’t always go to plan. Luckily we are ready for those moments. And we’ve got pretty good at ironing them out before anyone has the chance to notice.

We have had a groom turn up on the day of the wedding, unloading his car full of alcohol. Only to realise they’d forgotten soft drinks! Oooops!
I don’t know about you, but on the morning of my wedding I don’t plan on trolley dashing around Morrisons. Luckily we have an epic team and sorted it all whilst the bride and groom were busy getting ready.

Problem solved and I don’t think the bride knows about that to this day…

Keeping things cool

I’m not just talking about chilling your drinks. (Which by the way we are pretty good at) But diffusing any potential situations.

Our staff are switched on to noticing the alcohol levels throughout your big day. For instance, your distant cousins that you had no idea were huge Pimms enthusiasts basically drinking you dry even before the wedding breakfast.

Or the weather turning out to be a complete scorcher. We are all praying for this, but maybe not expecting it. (I mean you have got to manage your expectations!)

Imagine it’s a hot day and your guests are drinking much more than you’d originally anticipated. Not to worry, we will confirm with you beforehand. But if it looks like things are looking a bit rocky we will do that all-important trip to restock.

Photographer: Ron Bushell

Drinks packages

Over the years couples have asked us to provide an Ever After drinks service. For a free bar and also a cash pay bar where guests buy their own drinks in the evening. So they can hand over the hassle and worry of tasting, buying and estimating.

So now we’ve got a range of wedding drink packages including a pay bar package which is fur-ee (yes, completely FREE!) to our couples. There’s a choice of branded or premium drinks and we’ll supply the drinks, staff & glasses. 

YAY! Forget about running out of alcohol, that’s a thing of the past!

Take a look at our ‘Edible flowers‘ cocktail page for inspiration for gorgeous reception drinks to wow your guests.

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