Elopement wedding films

Elopement wedding films

Ooh I do love a wedding film of our weddings here at Ever After.  I have been known to shed a tear occasionally (every.film) when watching them.   There’s something about the extra emotion that film brings.

We’ve had some fab wedding film makers here.  You can see their work over here on the real weddings page and over here on the real elopement weddings page.   Each film has the name of the film maker so you can see who’s done the hard graft and pick which one you prefer.

bride & groom with dog country lane Baxter + Ted

Baxter + Ted are one of our faves and they’ve just sent us the film of Sarah & Phil’s summer elopement here last year.  I can’t deny it’s a lovely reminder to see the garden in all its summer glory as we’re bang in the middle of winter right now. You can read more about our summer elopement weddings here on the blog.We only do 5 of them a year – I know, 5 in a whole year so there’s not many of them around.

Baxter + Ted are Caroline & Chris a husband and wife team with artistic and creative experience you’re going to love.   Chris was a BBC cameraman for over 20 years, he was Rick Stein’s main cameraman and occasionally still goes off to far flung places to film with him.   Now I know nothing (I mean nothing) about camera kit but I can tell you their camera equipment is beyond compare.   Just look at the film quality of their wedding films and you’ll instantly see what I mean.  That kind of quality is rare.  They shot our lil intro film on the home page of this website, a mini montage of some of the weddings they’ve done here.

And Chris is yer man for getting right in the river to get the perfect shot.  He’s good like that.   And Caroline is the Queen of editing.  Somehow (skillz) she puts all the footage together with music to create a romantic reminder of your special day so when you watch it you say to each, ‘yeah, that’s how it was and wasn’t it just the most.amazing.day…”

New elopement film

So take a couple of minutes (well 4, to be exact) and watch Sarah & Phil celebrate their summer elopement wedding here on Dartmoor – our special piece of Devon.  And make sure you check out Sarah’s beeyoutiful getting ready gown.  When I first saw her in the honeymoon cottage getting ready, I thought it was her wedding dress – it’s that special.

And there’s a dog (we love dogs at weddings) sitting on a wedding dress…

And silver sparkly wedding shoes…

And tears (everyone’s) during the wedding ceremony.

Sarah & Phil were so happy throughout their whole day – it was a beautiful wedding, exactly how weddings should be, chock full of emotion and the love this couple have for each other.

You can see the still photos of this elopement wedding by our elopement photographer Clare Kinchin over here on their real elopement page.

Your summer elopement wedding

Have you downloaded our elopement brochure yet?   What’s keeping you?!  Get it right here, right now.   And if you want to know about availability, check out my updated post here.

If you think we’ve got a date to suit you, get in touch at [email protected] – let’s get you moving towards your gorgeous elopement wedding!

bride & groom couple portrait summer woodland flowers



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