What to expect from your elopement photography

Last week I spoke to our elopement chef, Harrie, about what to expect from her at your elopement wedding. This week, I’ve spoken to Clare who does our elopement photography…



“Howdy…this is Clare, your Elopement Photographer. Firstly, congratulations on booking your Elopement at Ever After; you have chosen a stunning venue to say your “I do’s”.
My style of photography is documentary with a little gentle direction for good measure. I’m really relaxed and my aim is to capture beautiful, natural, storytelling photographs of your day. All my elopement couples receive an e-brochure from me upon booking their wedding at Ever After, which gives a bit more info about the photography for your day.
You can be as involved in your photography as you want to. If you’ve seen images on Nicola’s Insta or have ideas of your own, do share them with me. This is YOUR wedding and I want to reflect you, your personality and style as much as possible. Equally, if you want to leave it up to me and go with the flow on the day that’s great too.
Most people are terrified of having their photograph taken (me included) so I want to put your mind at ease. I’m not going to be bossing you around or posing you in all sorts of funny positions. Think of your photography as a lovely afternoon walk and we just happen to be taking some photographs at the same time. I have all sorts of little tricks to help you relax. We will do lots of walking and chatting, and hopefully laughing. I love a good belly laugh, and it makes for great pictures!
I’m an outdoors girl, so working at Ever After is a real treat for me. There are so many areas to choose from. If you think you might like to explore the woodland after your ceremony, you are more than welcome to book some extra time with me. The walk along the river is just gorgeous and a lovely time to relax and enjoy your surroundings. I would definitely recommend packing your wellies and something warm to wear; it can get a little chilly in the winter months!
If you want to say hello before your big day, we can schedule in a chat on the telephone, FaceTime or Skype.
Finally, relax and enjoy the run up to your special day. I can’t wait to meet you!
Clare xx”


Here are a few of my photography faves from recent elopements… You can find more of Clare’s photography on our Elopement Gallery page, and her own website.


For more info on our elopement wedding package, download our elopement wedding brochure or get in touch with us.

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