Elopements, behind the scenes.

Are you a little voyeuristic? Let face it, we all like to see what happens in places we cant see. Its the fascination with the unknown.

I get asked a lot of questions during the planning process of an elopement. But the main question all evolves around the same thing,

‘how do you change the set up space?’

‘when does the terrace get changed around?’

‘where do our guests wait while you change the area for the wedding breakfast?’

‘how does it work with getting married and eating in the same place?’

‘who changes the ceremony area to the wedding breakfast and then the evening?’

You’re all asking ‘how does it work?’ you want to know how we fit in 3 separate parts of the day into one area? right? Well, let me show you!


Your ceremony will usually take place in the terrace area unless arranged otherwise. In the morning myself and my colleague Martine will arrive and set up the Terrace area for your ceremony, with our previously agreed styling ideas. So you’ve arranged for guests to arrive a little earlier for arrival drinks? This will either be set up in the barn or the middle terrace area depending on the weather.

When you arrive for the ceremony all guests (if your having any) will be seated and awaiting your arrival. The registrars will have already met both of you and returned to the terrace for the ceremony. Along with myself and Martine who will be there to make sure everything runs smoothly. Are you having music? No problem, We will ensure it is played and stopped at the right times and we’ll be there to pop and serve you with your champagne and congratulate you on becoming newly weds! YAY!

Celebratory drinks

It now time to relax and start celebrating! WOHOO! You’re married!

drinks trolley
Clare Kinchin Photography

So now you and your guests can mingle and drink champagne (the best bit) you may want to head outside for some guest photos, depending on the weather you may stay by the fire to keep warm and cosy. At this point the area set up will stay the same, we’ll give you a few minutes to relax and take in everything before Clare will ask you when your ready to head out for your couple photographs.

Wedding breakfast

Once you are out having you photos, we will tell your guests they are welcome to head back to the arrival drinks location or wonder around the gardens to take in the beautiful surroundings while we change the terrace area around for your meal. We’re usually pretty quick at doing this as we have perfected our organisation skills!!

Plus I’ll let you into a little secret… in the middle of the terrace, we always set up the table in the morning ready to be carried in! Slightly cheating? Possibly, but its great for the, god forbid, bad weather when guests don’t want to move away from the fire. Because i don’t blame them, i wouldn’t either!


You’ve got married- check

You’ve drank champagne- check

Eaten your 3 course meal and canapes- check

Drank some more- check

And now its time to enjoy your evening. Let us make it cosy for you. Once your all fat and full, let us get that table out of your way. You just need to stand again for a short while, again its your choice, you can take a walk, pop to the cottage to change into something comfier, perhaps your guests want to take a sneak look for the full experience! We wont take long, we will carry the table back out, remove the chairs and replace the area with more comfier seating for you and move you closer to that fire. Blankets? Do help your self. And make sure to keep topping up that fire, we try and keep the area as warm as possible. But we also don’t like to disturb you too much, so do grab us as were passing if your feeling a bit chilly. Or help yourself to more wood on the fire.

The area is yours for the evening now so do keep yourselves warm. We’ll make sure all your drink is out for you, and your mezze platter is prepared and in the fridge behind the bar or in the honeymoon cottage (whatever suits you guys best) and ready for you when you are. Tea and coffee will be made and in flasks. So before we leave for the evening we will ask if you have any last questions or requests. And we will leave you in piece to enjoy your night as a happy couple!

Now you know how we do things on the day, Take a look at the planning time scale for what to expect once your booked.

Ready to book? contact Nicola on [email protected] for availability.

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