Ideas that will transform your wedding for Free!

Weddings can be expensive, with so many different things to think about, prioritizing your budget can be hard work. But I’ve got some great ideas that will help keep your budget down.


There are lots of websites that have 100’s of free printable templates for wedding invites. Downloading invitations, menus, RSVP’s or opting to send out digital invites will save on that wedding budget.

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Wedding signs

There are lots of DIY wedding sign ideas out there. Using your dinning room mirror and a bit of imagination can go along way. Pallets, fruit baskets and easel’s also make great sign templates. We visited our local scrap yard to salvage a door and window which has been used as wedding signs for many of our Ever After couples.

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Find something free that you can get in large amounts. Pebbles, Pine cones, flowers, Leaves, mini log slices, shells, think natural, think free! You cant go wrong something you can find or collect for free. Some of these ideas may involve a piece of card and a neat writer.


Its so easy to make your own confetti. Dried out flowers are great for free natural confetti ideas. just remember to pick your flowers with enough time for the petals to dry out. Leaves and a stencil cutter in any shape of your choice will also be a great natural choice that will save you a lot in you wedding budget.

natural confetti
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Photo booth

Bring out your creative side again. Do you have a large piece of ply wood or an old plain curtain hanging around? If your mum’s anything like mine she will have everything you need under the bed in her spare room! DIY your back drop with a bit of paint, some pens or decorative items. And WALLAH your very own handmade photo booth backdrop! Collect some silly old hats, bags, glasses, foam fingers and your on your way to that budget photo booth.


Log slices always make a great woodland styled center piece base. Collecting jam jars for flowers is also a great budget idea, you can decorate jars with ribbons, hessian rope or spray paint for budget decor. Pine cones also make great seasonal centerpiece decor. Aswell as centerpieces natural budget decor can be used for aisle decoration too.

There are so many different ideas out there that will help to transform your wedding day for free!

Take a look at our Pinterest for some great wedding ideas.

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