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Man’s (and woman’s) best friend

By February 13, 2019pets at ever after
LaurenandCraig real wedding ever after

Dogs at weddings

We all know a Bride and Groom to-be who can’t imagine their wedding day without their favorite furry friend! It’s hard to try and juggle between picking the perfect venue and finding somewhere that will accept your fur babies as part of your wedding.

Daniella&Alex real wedding ever after

Here at Ever After we supply both. The perfect venue (obvs) and the option to include those furry friends that you can’t possibly leave at home! A number of our wedding couples have opted to bring along their fur babies to celebrate their day. And what amazing wedding photos they make!

hayley&andy real wedding ever after

I love this idea of including your perfect pooches in your wedding photos and of course in your wedding day! I mean what kind of wedding would this be without your immediate family? After all these guys are like our children, right? Damn right we should have the option to include them in the best day of our lives!

Canine wedding guest

We love dogs at weddings so Ever After welcomes all well behaved dogs to our venue!   They can be involved in the ceremony and the photos.   You’re also very welcome to have them with you during your meal.  You’re the only diners here so no worries about other people being upset about guests at the table.

Dog wedding chaperone

If you’re worried that your canine companion might not be up for a whole day of celebrating, we can recommend a wedding dog chaperone who can take them for a walk and away for a break if needed.   I’ll tell you more about this amazing service shortly.

Dogs in wedding photos

These couples all enjoyed celebrating their wedding day here at Ever after with the attendance of their furry friends. Take a look at the outcome of their beautiful photos that they produced.

If you’d like to know how to include your dogs in your wedding, get in touch and chat to us about how we can make that happen.   We’d love to help and get your dogs along to take part in your special day.