MMW Micro Fashion – Our favourite 2019 kid moments

Whether it’s micro fashion or just a insanely cute photo, I wanted to show you our favourite 2019 kid moments. But as every wedding has an amazing array to choose from, this is PT.1!

First stop, MMW moments…

Dan Ward Photography

I’m lovvvvving her tiny outfit! The flower crown looks adorable, and perfectly compliments her faux fur coat. So chic!!

More Micro Fashion…

I’m also really enjoying the mini suspenders – they are just adorable! It might just be because I’m childless, but theres nothing cuter than seeing a kid in what I consider ‘adult clothes’. More often then not – kids wear no-fuss easy wash clothes (for understandable reasons) so it’s lovely to see everyones little ones dressed up! I love weddings for many reasons, one major reason is micro fashion.

Rebecca Roundhill Photography

This little guy is sporting multicoloured suspenders! What more could you want…!

Our kid Policy

Kid’s are welcome here at Ever After. We have a lot of space for them to run about, a lot of nooks and crannies to play hide and seek in and a lot of newts to search for in the ponds. We do have a lot of water here at ever after, we are on the edge of a river and we have beautiful ponds – so it’s important parents are aware of that. It’s important that parents keep an eye on their child at all times.

Rebecca Roundhill Photography

Clare Kinchin

Our gardens are something we are proud of at Ever After – but with any garden, comes mud. When you’re dressing your child for a wedding, it’s good to remember they will still get mucky – especially if you can’t drag them away from playing in the garden. So easily washed materials, or darker colours – (or extremely well behaved kids) might be the best options for Ever After.

If you have a lot of kids coming to your wedding, you could always look into a local creche services that could help on the day. Or maybe a kids entertainer? Let the parents have a few drinks without them looking over their shoulder constantly.

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