a modern wedding in must-have mustard…

modern wedding in must-have mustard…

We love welcoming back suppliers we’ve worked with before.   Building great relationships with people who are experts in what they do is one of the great things about being in the wedding business.

Your wedding photographer is one of your MOST important wedding suppliers.   Building a relationship with them will mean that you get the very best photos of your day because you feel relaxed with them and they already know what it is you want from your photos.

A great example of all of this is the lovely wife and husband team of Anna and Mike from Luna Weddings.   They’ve done a few weddings here and when I hear they’ve been booked for a wedding here, I know the photos are going to be great.

A completely free extra is you get Anna’s amazing blog skillz.   That woman can write about weddings and I can’t stop reading!   If I’m honest sometimes I skim through the text on a wedding blog, it’s the pics I’m really interested in but with Anna’s posts, I find myself reading EVERY WORD.    Check out the blog post she put up last week about Alena & Dave’s wedding here in June and you’ll see what I mean:

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“At risk of sounding a bit cheesy – and you know what, I don’t care too much if I do – one of the best things about our job is working with people in love. Love, you see, is a wonderful thing – it brings out the best in people – and that’s why photographing weddings is so wonderful. In the most part (I guess there are going to be exceptions, occasionally) everyone attending is excited and happy for the couple getting married, and this was one of those weddings when that love was palpable.

When we met Alena and Dave up at Baggy Point, one glorious evening a couple of months back – we witnessed a couple so in love, and it was a joy both to witness and document.

It’s a special thing, being trusted to capture love – in all its forms that come about in a wedding day, and we are passionate about documenting this in an honest way, to tell the story of a couple and their friends and families.

Sometimes weddings can be stressful, not as much for us as we are generally pretty cool and calm, although I can’t say the nerves and emotional anxiety don’t rub off on us a little. I know for sure that in the minutes running up to the ceremony my heart is beating a little faster than usual as the emotions of those around me are heightened and I feel the pressure to document that emotion. For Alena and Dave though, there was no stress, but it was incredibly emotional. Prior to the ceremony, Alena wanted to hold Dave’s hand from behind the door of the cottage she was getting ready in. We happily agreed to help make this happen and it was such a beautiful moment to witness – how tears were held back I do not know!

I’m a bit of a romantic. I can’t say I watch romantic films, because if I did say that, I’d be lying (although I am rather a fan of the programme First Dates, it’s the observer in me I think) I personally like kinda weird films – but, real life love, I love it. Good job really as it’s my life’s work, I love being around and documenting people in love. I think it keeps my soul topped up every week. Cheesy? Perhaps, but like I said, I don’t give a damn, I’m fortunate to have landed in a job I get to witness what I do – as an introverted person (although many think i’m lying about this, I’m genuinely shy, my social skills have grown with my job – they’re not wonderful, but I’m there to witness, so it works well). I’m something of people watcher and I love capturing those moments in-between, not always the obvious moments, but the fleeting ones. I get to create real-life stories with my camera that can be shared for years, moments I’ve witnessed and framed from my own perspective – I’m glad I can share that, and it never gets old.

A mention has to go to the gin theme, and the beautiful and thoughtfully crafted gin bar, which of course went down a storm, as did the ‘Hendricks’ letters – see for yourself, you can’t say doctors don’t have a sense of humour (and enjoy their gin – and yes of course I blogged this!) Alena and Dave are both critical care doctors, I cannot imagine two people more suited to their profession, they’re truly wonderful, kind people.

Dave had three best men, each had a speech as carefully thought out, personal and hilarious as the last – we hear a lot of speeches, hand on heart I can’t say the same for every speech we hear (sorry, internet speeches) so when we hear good speeches, we appreciate them and love photographing the reactions, as you can see – the reactions were GOOD!

I’m almost done with my writing, so well done if you’ve got this far! I just want to say a big thanks to Nicola and Steve at Ever After – these guys work hard for their couples, and not only that, they look after us and I’m sure every other photographer and supplier fortunate enough to work at Ever After, it’s a special, intimate venue and a bit of a one-off – Nicola and Steve’s passion for their home-turned-wedding-venue-still-home is plain to see, with new features and ideas all the time. It’s always a joy to go back and we’re always made to feel welcome with tea and kindness. We’re also always happy to say hi and give a scruffle to Chip and Mouse, resident border terriers come mascots come photographers muses.

Anyway, I have talked too much, I felt it was apt to talk about love for Alena and Dave’s blog post as this is my lasting feeling from the day. We witness couples in love every week, every couple is different as of course we all are in our unique ways, but my residual feeling from this gin-heavy doctors wedding was a whole lot of love – friend love, family love, and forever love for a couple with clearly a lot of fans, of which we count ourselves amongst.

Congratulations Dr’s Bentley, thanks for sharing your day with us, here are a few of our favourites from the day, too many – as usual.

*small disclaimer* I wrote this post late at night, when it’s possible ‘the idiot’ may have been in charge of my brain and at this point I’m likely to ramble possibly in an illiterate and badly punctuated way… I just thought I should mention that… (Anna).


See Anna’s slide show here and get in love with mustard!

Read Anna’s full blog post here complete with gorgeous pics and more must-have mustard.

Alena and David’s real weddings page is due to go up here on the website soon so do check back to see it.


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