Summer Weddings

Summer weddings at Ever After are magical. Imagine marrying the love of your life in an oak barn, to the soundtrack of song birds and a Dartmoor river. Wandering hand-in-hand along the river bank, whispering to each other, ‘OMG, we just got MARRIED!‘  

Seeing the faces of the people you love most in the world, here to see the two of you make that mahoosive commitment for life and say out loud (and yes, in PUBLIC) how much you love each other.

Watching people you never thought would mix, deep in conversation over a glass of something chilled and wondering what on earth they’re saying.  Sharing mouth-watering food prepared on site by our chefs – scotched quails egg anyone?

Seeing the most surprising guests on the dance floor throwing some serious shapes to the music you’ve chosen and you can be sure you’ve shown how much you care by giving your loved ones a day they’ll remember forever.

We have announced that 2022 is our very last year for these Saturday weddings.   From 2023 we are moving to an elopement only weddings.   If this summer is your year, we’d love to host your wedding!   If you’re looking for a date after  2022, then sadly, we can’t help – sorry.

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