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Thinking of eloping?

By February 15, 2019Uncategorized
charlotte&Matt real wedding ever after


Are you one of those couples who want to avoid the hassle of a big summer wedding? Boycott all the organisation and preparation that comes with it? Maybe you’re worried about the guest list or who to have as your bridesmaids and ushers? YES? Then it sounds to me like a small elopement wedding with just you and your faves is the right choice for you!


Your micro wedding can be a small scale wedding with just the two of you and the choice of up to 8 special guests. Imagine not having to worry about finding a photographer, florist or even the perfect person to make your dream cake! I KNOW THAT WOULD BE A DREAM ITSELF RIGHT? The great thing about our winter elopements is that they’re tailored packages which means we take care of all that hard work! That’s no organizing for you!! woohoo! Want to read more about our winter elopement packages? CLICK HERE.


jessica&stephen real wedding ever afterI could never before imagine having my wedding day at my dream wedding venue with no Stress, no Hassle and everything organised for me with the most amazing suppliers.  (You may think i’m biased but its true, I’ve seen their work). It seemed impossible! Since working for Ever After I’ve realized that perhaps one day my dream wedding may come true! Perhaps your’s can too!

Look out for my next blog where I’ll be introducing our elopement suppliers and showing off some of their amazing work here at Ever after!

If you already know one of our super special elopements is for you, let’s get you on the road to your dream wedding.   Drop us a line at and we’ll take you to the next stage to make your dream a reality.