Wedding Stationery – The Options Part 2

In my last blog post, I explored the first two options in my wedding stationery summary; DIY stationery and personalised & professional. In this post, I’m exploring the middle ground, so to speak, of the wedding stationery world. And there are a few options which fall under this category!  


‘Something In-Between’ Wedding Stationery

Now this is quite a broad section, but also means there’s probably something for everyone. If you don’t have the time/energy/patience/drive for DIY wedding stationery, but spending a fortune on bits of paper for other people seems absurd, this is the blog post for you. Ultimately, your guests need wedding invitations (and often information cards), and you need their RSVPs back. You may also want to send Save the Dates and Thank You cards in the same design. And then there are the orders of service, menus, place names… The list goes on! 

wedding stationery options part 2

Photo by Dan Ward

Something new that’s cropping up a lot is email RSVPs, and I can see the attraction; you’re already cutting down a third of your stationery requirements. And you can add to that by sending the information over via email when they RSVP. Attractive, right? You could even send digital invitations too, but it depends how far you want to trust technology…

wedding stationery options part 2

If you’re like me and love the idea of slightly more traditional wedding stationery, then there are plenty of companies who offer middle-of-the-range wedding stationery. A popular company is Papier who have hundreds of designs to choose from and you can edit your text to whatever suits you, but they won’t by any means break the budget. Less beautiful and less unique than other options, but does the job (without having to remortgage). 

wedding stationery options part 2

Photo from Papier

Perhaps you’re up for a touch of DIY, minus the having-to-paint-some fabulous-designs-yourself part. Etsy has a huge range of sellers who offer digital templates for you to purchase and download. You then create your stationery yourself and either print it yourself or seek the help of a professional print company. You could also do something similar if you have a particularly artistically talented friend or family member who is willing to paint you a design that you can digitally scan and use in the same way. 


wedding stationery options part 2

Photo from Etsy



As with anything when it comes to your wedding, do what feels right for you. Don’t stress over trying to impress a handful of people that probably won’t be impressed no matter what you do. But equally, don’t make a decision you’ll come to regret just for the sake of money. My advice is to always set yourself an amount of money you’re happy to spend but that will also get you what you want. There is no point in over-spending and feeling nauseous after the wedding due to your looming overdraft, but at the same time you’re only going to do this once so you might as well do it properly.  And if you’re worried about the sheer amount that goes in to one day, then have a read of this post. 

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