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2019 wedding fashion trends

Less is more

With the new 2019 wedding fashion trends starting to come through, we can finally see what the new year has in store for us!

Less is more seems to be a BIG hit for 2019. With brides choosing smaller more detailed dresses over the recent big ruffled ‘look at me’ style. A popular hit seems to be simple rustic strapless dresses, cute V back and necklines. I have to say i’m super excited to see these elegant slimline dresses with just the right amount of detail.

Brides are choosing not to stick to the ‘norm’ and are starting to add their own unique personality into their wedding fashion. A big trend this year is incorporating personality, religion and beliefs into your wedding with some brides opting for a second dress just like our gorgeous bride Jayna.

Old is the new ‘NEW’

Cape effect dresses are popular this year, we are starting to see short and long capes coming back on wedding dresses but one you may not have thought to be a big wedding fashion trend this year is long statement veils. These guys from Ever after got their veils right!

Yellow and rose gold recently very popular in wedding fashion trends are being swapped for the traditional silver tones. Silver being the better paired colour for this years living coral. Look out for silverware and geometric shapes coming back in!

Swapping the dress for a jumpsuit

A new big wedding fashion trend right here! Many brides especially in the LGBT community are opting for a no dress wedding. They are swapping the dresses or a classy jumpsuit and i have to say i am a big fan! This is also becoming popular in bridesmaids with brides choosing to scrap the bridesmaids dresses and have a bride bagade of jumpsuits instead.

Incorporating Colour

Colour is one of the massive wedding fashion trends this year and it seems to be big, bright and beautiful!

This year we are seeing the new colour by pantone being Living Coral. But Brides arn’t stopping at their wedding bouquet and breakfast tables. We are seeing colour incorporating where ever possible in our weddings. Colour smoke bombs being a previous hit on Instagram, this year we are seeing colourfull confetti cannons taking a hit.

One of 2019s wedding fashion trends i particularly like is that Brides are incorporating colour into their dresses. This is coming from adding their unique style into their weddings rather than the more traditional white or cream wedding dress.

And our brides aren’t stopping there, they have big plans for their bridesmaids!

Floral, geometric, colour block, different style same colour dresses are all in the running line for our 2019 wedding fashion trends for bridesmaids this year!


With brides dresses being simple with the ‘less is more’ attitude this year, accessories are a big must to try and dress up the simplicity.

Many brides are incorporating beads into their dresses with a popular choice being beaded jewelry for the backs of dresses. (which i love) Beaded and jewelled clips and headpieces are making a statement in replacing flower crowns with the ‘old is the new new’ policy.

Lets not forget the guys

‘Eyes are on the bride’ yet without a groom none of this would be possible. A bride needs her groom to look good in order to complement her on their big day. Wedding fashion trends mainly focus on the ladies. But it seems 2019 has a lot in store for us when is comes to wedding fashion trends, they have set a new trend for the guys too.

It’s not surprising this year a 3 piece tailor fitted suit is up at the top, with guys opting for a slim tailored comfy fit. Because comfort is important right?

What’s surprising is original black suits and tuxedos are out! That’s right you got it, bold bright and brilliant is the saying for the guys. Bold patterns are in with things like, polka dots, tweed and plaids. Our guys aren’t stopping there, bright colours aren’t just for the ladies, this year navy, maroon and sapphire blue are a huge hit with the guys.

Our guys are defiantly making fashion statements and here at Ever After we love it!

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