4 tips to book a great wedding photographer at the last minute


An interview with award winning photographer Andrew Coulter 

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Today Andrew shares with us his 4 tips to hire the right photographer for your wedding – even at the last minute.

He also shares his personal experiences as a wedding photographer of last minute bookings.

Thanks for joining us today Andrew.   So let’s start with what is a last minute booking, just how last minute is ‘last minute’? 

Most people book their photographer 6-12 months ahead of their date.  I find that 12 months to the exact date is the most common booking time for my clients.  Immediately after Christmas and New Year is also a really popular time as couples finally find some time to do some research for their wedding.

The two quickest bookings I’ve had were 6 weeks before the date and the very quickest was 2 weeks!   I had to shift a few things around to do that one but I really wanted to help them out so I managed to squeeze in the booking.

So how can you find a photographer when you’ve only got a few months or maybe a few weeks til your wedding date?

Find the photographer you really want to book and just call them!  They might be free and you won’t know til you ask.  If they are booked, ask them for a recommendation, who would they suggest you call.  Photographers have lots of connections and they’re always willing to pass on a client if they can’t help.

The other great tip is to book your wedding for a weekday, photographers are often booked at weekends but can be free during the week.

Anything a couple need to know when booking a photographer at the last minute?

Yes, don’t feel your photographer won’t have time to meet you before the wedding.  Definitely make time to meet your photographer ahead of the wedding day so that you know you’ll be able to work together and you have confidence in their work.  I always do a pre-wedding shoot even with last minute bookings so that the couple can see my photos of THEM and they know they’re really happy with the photos they’ve seen of themselves.  

Are there any BENEFITS to a late booking?

You might be able to get a good deal if it’s a last minute booking, no harm in asking but don’t forget you’re last minute too so that works both ways!

What kind of couples do you think work best with a last minute booking?

Usually people who are getting married at the last minute are those who are laid back and chilled generally so they might be taking a risk with a late booking but they have the characteristics which mean they’re not worried about it!

The important thing is not to let the time scale pressure you into booking just anyone, make sure you really like the photographer’s work – you WILL find the right person, just keep looking, don’t panic! 

So to sum up: 

  • Try to book the photographer you really want – they might be available.
  • Go for a mid-week wedding, it may help secure your first choice photographer.
  • Ask for a recommendation from your first choice if they’re already booked
  • DON’T PANIC, keep looking until you find someone who’s work you really like.

Check back in tomorrow for the second part of our interview with Andrew when he’ll be giving us great tips to ensure couples get the very best from their wedding photographer.