Advice from the Elopement wedding planner

If you’ve booked you’re Elopement wedding with us then you’d have been sent our Elopement manual giving you all the ins and outs of whats to come! Don’t Panic its really simple, I promise.

If you haven’t booked and your still unsure then let me change your mind.

Now unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know our elopements come as a set package. That includes the photographer, florist, food cake & canapes, 2 nights stay in our beautiful honeymoon cottage and exclusive use of the venue the day before and the day of your wedding! We’ve got you covered! – I know what your thinking less planning for me.

Not convinced? Not a problem – Let me give you some advice on the few things you do have to do!

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Make a wedding planning check list

Id always recommend making a check list, its important to stay on top of your wedding planning. What do you need, what you have already done, what do the venue already provide. – good news is, you can check off flowers, cake and photos straight away! Its just down to you to decide what you want.

Hair & make-up

We always offer recommendations! And trust me the girls know the score. A great tip? Pinterest eat your heart out. You cant go wrong with scrolling Pinterest for the best hair and make-up styles to suit you! – Check

Head to Ever After Pinterest for Inspiration.



Its down to you guys to decide between yourselves what colors and florals you want. The best advice i offer for choosing your wedding flowers? Again Pinterest is up there. Id also recommend looking though our Instagram at previous weddings for inspiration. – Check


Instagram has been a great help for some of our previous couples when organizing their styling. Picking out little details from different pictures and putting them together to make your own perfect ideas. You can check out our Instagram here.

Perhaps your more the laid back, were happy with anything, just want to get married kind of couple? I’ve got you. I’ll get your color choices off of Amanda once you’ve decided and put together your styling. – Check that one off your list too!


Ever After makes a great location for wedding photography being surrounded with eye catching woodland, river and moorland! Clare is your gal!

If that doesn’t make your decision for you i know what will!



No one needs advice on cake right? I’m just leaving these hear to tempt you. I mean check out our previous elopement cakes, they will make your mouth water for sure. Harrie knows her cake!

That’s it! You ready to go.

You’ve got your venue, accommodation, flowers, food & cake, photography, styling, hair & make-up. All you need now is your outfits, dress? suits? that’s your choice, remember if you need help, you can always rely on my trusty inspirations, Pinterest & Instagram.

And don’t forget if you’ve booked with us already and need that little bit of advice or someone to talk to, you can always email me on [email protected]

If you haven’t booked but you’ve decided an Elopement is for you? Contact Nicola on [email protected]

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