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how to reserve your wedding date

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reserve your date

Wondering how to juggle things when you reserve your wedding date?

How do you know the Registrars or the church will be able to do your date?

What if you book your wedding date with us and the Registrars can’t fit you in?

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

bride & groom ceremonyour guarantee

With our 7 days reservation, we hold your date for you for 7 days.  That gives you time to phone the Registrar and book the date with them, sign and return our terms and conditions and pay your deposit – phew!  We GUARANTEE that during your 7 day reservation time, no-one else will be able to book your date.  It’s held safe and snug just for you.

what if you get delayed?

If something holds you up and you don’t manage to book your date with the Registrar within those 7 days, you need to check back with us to make sure the date is still available.

If things gets delayed at your end, the best thing to do is just ping us an email, explain what’s happening and see if we can extend your 7 days for you.  We can usually give you a couple of extra days.

But if you’ve missed your 7 days and you haven’t checked back with us to see if it’s still available, you could find the date’s gone.  We have had that happen once or twice and the first you know about it is the Registrar tells you they can’t do your date because they’ve already got a wedding booked in with us.  Yikes!  We guarantee that won’t happen if you’re within your 7 days.

bride & groom kisshow far in advance should we book the Registrar?

My advice is ASAP.  If you’re getting married on a week day out of season (basically October through to April) then chances are you’ll get the date you need.   If you’re getting married on a Saturday in the summer and especially during the school holidays then you need to get on like a car bonnet.  Seriously.

Registrars do quite a few weddings in a day but they can only do so many of them at the same time.  So if you want a particular time (and you do), it’s the time on the date that may go.

The other reason to book the Registrars now is that you might forget!   Gotta say that’s never happened to one of our couples but it’s an easy thing to overlook.   And if you do forget and you don’t book them, you can’t get married.  No kidding.  If you don’t do the paperwork stuff, it has serious consequences = no wedding.   Doesn’t bear thinking about does it?

what else do we need to do to confirm a booking?

You’ll have seen me mention above signing our terms and conditions.  We’ll email you a set of terms and conditions.  That’s the contract between us, the legal bit.  It confirms the price, when you need to make payments, what we’re providing.   You need to sign those and get them back to us.


The final thing to do is pay the deposit.  How much?   For a summer Saturday it’s £1,800 including the dreaded VAT, for the MMW it’s £900 (incl VAT) and for the elopements it’s £600 (incl VAT).  You pay by direct transfer online and the minute it’s in, you’re officially booked – yay!

We’ll let you know it’s received and for the summer Saturdays and elopements, you’ll get a copy of our wedding manual which tells you everything you need to know about getting married here.  We’re working on our MMW manual right now.

ready to book?

Are you ready to book your wedding?   Drop me a line and let’s get you one step further to it – is all you need to know to get in touch.   I’d love to hear from you.