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All you need for wedding papercraft, ft Hannah & Richards real wedding

If your an organiser, you’ll want to make sure everything has its paperwork! My top favorite has to be Hannah & Richards wedding. They went all out with their wedding signs and invitations. Where better to look for ideas, than a wedding that had it all!

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Hannah & Richards invites had it all. i’m talking 3 pages of everything you need to know! That’s organisation right there!

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Your invites don’t have to be quite as detailed as theirs, but they are top of the list for wedding paper craft, just a standard invite with names, dates and times will do. An RSVP is always a good call so you can account for your guests ahead of time. Some add a menu as the venue require menu choices before the wedding date.


It doesn’t matter if you’ve already sent out menus with the invitations, if menus fit in with your table styling then why not add them for a finishing touch?

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Having a drinks bar? A drinks menu is a great touch and you can make it as quirky as you like making up names for your own drinks combos or just sticking to popular drinks choices.

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Table plan

With a large number of people, you want to avoid your guests turning into a flock of sheep when entering the marquee. Drawing up a table plan saves any stray wanderers when its time to be seated.

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Table signs & Name cards

You may have already displayed your table plan, but there’s always someone who only remembers what table they are on and not where they are sat. A sign on each table is a popular idea, you can number each table or add a twist and name each table to match your personalities & Styling. Name cards stop any confusion on where everyone is sat.

Order of the day

Hannah & Richard covered this in their invitations but you don’t have to follow suit.

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A drawn out plan on the day is also a great idea especially if your guests forget to bring their invitations with them. This reminds me, if your want all your hard work pictured don’t forget to bring one of everything along with you for the photographer. It would be a shame for all that detail not to get featured!

If your booked with us you should be on our past, present & future invite only Facebook page? For you guys planning your wedding and in love with Hannah & Richard’s style, you’ll be glad to know they are offering all their handmade copper sign stands for a new bride & groom to purchase! Don’t miss it!

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