Seasonal elopement wedding styling

Are you struggling to pick your elopement wedding styling? Unsure of what to choose to best suit your personalities? We’ve had a lot of practice over the years with putting together styling based on your chosen colors! So don’t worry, your in the best hands!

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Perhaps you’d rather stick to the season for seasonal flowers? – I know Amanda will be happy with that choice!

Summer ideas

I’m talking bright vibrant colours! Any colour, go wild. The brighter the better. Think yellows, oranges, pinks, purples, bright reds and blues. Summer vibes incorporated into your wedding styling. Lets take a look back at some of our Summer elopements that have used bright vibrant styles.

Autumnal colouring

My Favorite time of year, you cant beat crisp autumn leaves. Burnt oranges and mid browns, hints of mustard yellow, rusty red, deep purple and moss green make great autumn colours. Think pine cones, crisp leaves, pumpkins and logs for your wedding styling.

Winter wedding styling

The thing i like about winter is you can incorporate so many colours into your wedding styling. Grey, navy, burgandy, olive, plum, gold, emerald, berry, copper, brown, mauve…. i could keep going. Let me show you some Ever After winter wedding styling.

Spring blends

Look out for pastel shades including shades of yellow, green, pink, blue and purple. Blending a pastel colour with a bright colour also works perfectly for the spring season.

These are just some of our previous elopement styles created here at Ever After. We have so many more to come! Keep an eye on our Instagram page for more updates as we move into the 2020 elopement season.

Check out my other blog post with elopement advice and keep an eye out for our Elopement availability.

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