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Alternative bouquet ideas for those little bridesmaids

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Have you got some little feet walking down your aisle on your wedding day? Perhaps your Daughter? Little sister? Niece? Whatever she may be to you shes obviously important enough for you to choose her as your bridesmaid.

Traditionally bridesmaids carry a smaller version of the brides bouquet down the aisle with them. Sometimes its popular for the bride to pick one flower from her bouquet and have a small bouquet made out of that one flower.


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For those little bridesmaids it may be harder for them to carry their bouquet in the manner expected. But don’t panic yet, i have some alternative ideas for their dainty hands.

Floral Hoop

The Floral hoop is becoming ever popular, especially for the smaller bridesmaids. It’s easy to hold on to and still looks beautiful.

Flower ball

Another alternative idea is the flower ball, brilliant for smaller children. There not heavy and have a little ribbon which can be put around the child’s wrist for ease to hold.

Flower wand

What a great idea! A floral wand is perfect for a little bridesmaid. It’s easy to hold, looks amazing and will keep those little minds entertained while walking down the aisle. Bonus points for this idea!

flower girl wand

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For the tiny ones a corsage is a great idea which saves them having to remember to hold onto something and prevents them from dropping anything on their way down the aisle. Especially if they’re too tiny to walk, no one wants to have to stop to retrieve a little bouquet that’s been thrown back up the aisle.

For more alternative bridesmaid/flower girl bouquets check out our Pinterest page.

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