Gluggle Jug Gin – Wedding Ginspiration #12

Gluggle Jug Gin is the gin of the month!

It feels like forever since I last did a gin tasting, probably because the summer season is in full swing now!
But I tell you what, that first sip was hard-earned and so worth it!

The Gluggle Jug bottle is something quite special, it’s got a nautical feel to it and very easy on the eyes.

The smell is smooth and made me very excited to take make this cocktail and take my first sip. I paired this gin with Rhubarb Fentimans tonic, which I would happily give a 10/10. This tonic is delicious, sweet & refreshing.

gin tasting, Cornwall life, Hard earned drink, nautical bottle, balloon glasses, garnish, orange, fruit, pink tonic, rhubarb fentimans tonic

On first sip this gin cocktail hits you with summer, there are underlying notes of star anise which I could pick out quite distinctly… Star anise isn’t my favourite flavour so that’s the only reason that this gin drops a few points. Scoring on Rosie’s ratings, Guggle Jug Gin gets a decent score of 8/10!

Craft gin club cocktail suggestion – Gluggle Jug Punch

gluggle jug punch, summer in a cup, delicious, hot summer days, cocktail, irresistible, fruity, cocktail
Source: Craft Gin Club


Serves 4
150ml Nelson’s Gluggle Jug* Gin
50ml Summer Cup Syrup
Lemonade, to top up
Fresh strawberries, oranges, lemon, cucumber and mint


Add ice to a Gluggle Jug or punch bowl. Pour over your Gluggle Jug Gin and summer cup syrup. Top up with lemonade. Slice up your fresh fruit, garnish and serve.

If you’d like to see more from the Craft Gin Club then head over to their site here.

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