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conker gin; wedding ginspiration #2

By September 23, 2017December 10th, 2018Uncategorized
selection of elopement wedding gins

conker gin; wedding ginspiration #2


If you read our last ginspiration blog post, then you’ll know what all this gin-tasting hype is about… And if you didn’t, catch-up here.

conker gin

Conker gin is a unique and intricate gin of ten select botanicals, distilled and bottled at Dorset’s first gin distillery in Bournemouth.

It’s a classic gin, led by a dry juniper heart, but is mixed with elderberries, samphire, and gorse flowers which give it a light a refreshing edge.

‘Gin on the rocks’ is the recommended way to enjoy, if you’re brave enough. (I am certainly not…).

conker gin ginspiration blog post

There are a few facts… but let’s get down to the tasting notes.



trying the gin straight

Firstly, Euan tried it straight and said it was floral, subtle and soft. The initial smell was much harsher than it tasted, but all-round it is unmistakably a dry gin.

euan tasting the gin

We then had the gin with ice, lime, and fever tree tonic (of course) and came to similar conclusions.

I decided it was a soft gin and found it hard to pick out any one botanical (a sign of a ‘good gin, according to Euan). It’s not a strong gin, it’s more balanced and subtle, but overall very drinkable. Personally, I generally prefer a stronger gin, however if you wanted an easy evening drink this is a great one to choose.

gin with ice and lime

Euan’s tasting notes were much the same as mine; soft, subtle, and very drinkable. He pictured sitting in the garden on a hot summer’s day, enjoying a glass or two with ice and a small amount of tonic.

We both agreed that it’s a great gin to have in the house, and very much enjoyed it. We agreed that we would probably choose a punchier gin if we were in a restaurant as this gin felt like more of a ‘relaxing’ gin (is that a thing?).

conker gin ginspiration blog post



The branding of this bottle is great. I love the old-fashioned apothecary style label, really bringing back the history of gin. As this is a copper pot distilled gin, the copper elements to the label and the lid is an excellent finishing touch, yet subtle (a bit like the gin!).

conker gin label

conker gin ginspiration blog post



Alongside the gin, we also had a read of the magazine ‘ginned!’ that it came with. In there were some great cocktails recipes to try using conker gin, and Euan also came up with one of his own.

Ginned!’s recipe ‘The Oozer’… Something a little different a fruity;

50ml Conker Gin
25ml Fresh lemon juice
Heaped bar spoon of blueberry (or blackberry) jam
3 leaves of basil
Basil leaves and blueberries (or blackberries), to garnish

Pour 50ml of gin into a cocktail shaker packed with ice, then add a healthy bar spoon of blueberry jam. Add the lemon juice and basil leaves, then shake hard. Strain into a glass filled with crushed ice and top with soda, then garnish.

conker gin cocktail

Euan’s recipe ‘Conker Bramble’… punchy and refreshing;

50ml Conker gin
1/2 a fresh squeezed lemon
Dash of sugar syrup
25ml of creme de mure
Elderberries and/or black currants to garnish

Pour the 50ml of conker gin into a shaker with lots of ice and add the squeezed lemon juice. Add a dash of sugar syrup, then shake well and strain into a rocks glass full of ice. Drizzle the creme de mure, and garnish with chosen berries to finish.

conker bramble in glass


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