Best wedding colours for summer weddings

Summer weddings are often paired with big, bold, bright and beautiful colours. The brighter the better for our summer months after visiting lots of deep winter tones and pale pastels in the spring. I’ve got some of our top best wedding colours for summer weddings from Ever after’s past couples.

Yellow, pink & orange

Yellow is a great summer pairing colour as it goes well with any other colour. Hanna & Chris used their use of yellow well by picking a cliche summer sunflower and pairing with orange and pink for their wedding flowers creating the perfect bright summer blend. They matched their colours with a light grey suit which allows the summer colours to stand out more.

Red, white & Navy

Red is often used in weddings as its seen to be the colour of romance. Mainly a darker winter tone with couples choosing colours such as burgundy and pairing with tartan . Picking a brighter red and pairing with white creates a beautiful summer colour allowing the red to really POP. Alice & Tom paired their bright red and white with a Navy suit which is a popular summer colour for the men and great to match with any colour.

Mustard & raspberry

Alena & Dave used two different tones of the colours used above and paired them together for their summer wedding colours. Mustard is a slightly duller tone of yellow but still at the top of the summer colour board. Raspberry is again a darker shade of red but not dark enough to be classed as a winter pallet especially when paired with another summer colour such as yellow. This couple defiantly picked their summer wedding colours to compliment each other.

Pink & Orange

Pinks and Oranges have been used a few times at Ever After summer weddings. These colours are so Bold that there are many different shades to work with, with both colours still fitting onto the summer pallet. Sam & Mike paired paler tones for their summer wedding adding in white and green to their florals for a more suttle look.

Zoe & Ben also opted for the bold summer colours of orange and pink. However they kept their shades vibrant, picking brighter orange’s  and shades of pinks and Purple giving their wedding a Tropical Elegance. This has to be one of my favorite summer wedding blends.

Blue, purple, pink & yellow

Another favorite of mine is Rachael & Francis’ wild flowers for their summer wedding. Picking wild flowers gives you a great selection of summer colours ranging from bright blues, and dark purples to pale yellows, pinks and whites. All of these colours blend together perfectly because well they have grown together in the wild.


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