The Best Wedding Photographers in Devon – Our Lowdown

The best wedding photographers in Devon – Here at Ever After we pride ourselves on our outstanding natural beauty, therefore, we know you deserve the best photographers for your big day.

We have the privilege of working with some of these fabulous people on a daily basis and now is our chance to sing their praises to you!

Let me start with our go-to Elopement Wiz – Clare!

Clare Kinchin

Clare is our set elopement Photographer. She’s a beautiful, kind soul that lives and breathes photography, the passion just seeps through her.

Her style is relaxed, documentary, natural and spontaneous. She offers gentle direction for the couple photographs, and photographs the group shots as time efficiently as possible so you can get back the party!

Clare likes to spend time with the couple before the wedding day so that they get to know her and feel comfortable in her company. This makes it so much easier on the day. So an engagement shoot is a perfect opportunity to say hello and get used to being centre stage.

Ever After, Elopement, Wedding, Photographer, Photo, Clare Kinchen, white wedding, woodland wedding, flowers, couple
Photo: Clare Kinchin
Elopement, ever after, lower grenofen, apex space, flowers, family, children, wedding, woodland, rustic, boho
Photographer: Clare Kinchin
flowers, pet, dog, pooch, wedding, details, close up, ever after, lower grenofen, boho, chic, rustic,
Photographer: Clare Kinchin

If you’re in love with Clare’s style as much as we are then head over to her website and get in touch.

Freckle Photography

Below we have some beautiful examples of Freckle Photography at Ever After.

Emma is a wedding photographer, living in beautiful Devon, taking photos of love, life and happiness. She’d best describe herself as a mega relaxed photographer who will make you feel comfortable and happy. Like your fave snuggly jumper. A space to just be you and get some lovely images too.

white wedding, getting ready, first look, bright, flowers, happy, lively, wedding, light, ever after, chic, lower grenofen, clean, sharp, bride & Groom
Photo: Freckle Photography
woodland, wedding, happy, smiles, couple, bride & groom, perspective, nature, flowers, ever after, lower grenofen,
Photographer: Freckle Photography
Happiness, wedding, wedding party, friends, guests, cake, tiers, cutting the cake, comical, confetti, shot, action, flowers, naked cake, freckle photography,
Photographer: Freckle Photography
Flowers, details, children, kids, games, lawn games, wedding, entertainments, flower girl, croquet, guests, friends, ever after, summer, lower grenofen, party
Photo: Freckle Photography

Head over to Freckle Photography website to see more and get in touch.

Luna Weddings

We’ve also been lucky enough to work with Anna and Mike. They are a husband and wife team of international multi-award-winning Devon wedding photographers, shooting with a timeless and creative style of photography. They’re driven by documenting emotion to tell the story of your wedding day, to create a set of images that are uniquely you. Anna & Mike always work together giving you two perspectives of your wedding day whilst blending into your wedding like two new friends.

Take a look at their photos at Ever After below.

Woodland, wedding, ever after, lower grenofen, guests, friends, wedding party, greenery, woods, flowers, confetti, shot, colour, trees, party
Photographer: Luna Weddings
getting hitched, 2 girls, 2 brides, wedding dresses, dress, white wedding, confetti, bright, light, fun, ever after, lower grenofen
Photographer: Luna Weddings

Pop over to the Luna Weddings website to see more and get in touch.

Dan Ward

Dan’s photography takes a relaxed and unforced approach, documenting the day just as it happens and not staging photographs. His whole approach is to be as organic as possible, just you, him and the camera. No posing, just a story of what happens on your wedding day from start to finish.

Wedding, barn, bride & groom, confetti, guests, flowers, batons, sparklers, fairy lights, ever after, couple, lower grenofen, photography, dan ward
Photographer: Dan Ward
Couple, wedding, bridge & groom, pond, barn, flowers, bouquet toss, girls, ladies, guests, friends, veil, woodland, greenery, sunset, ever after, lower grenofen, dan ward, photography
Photographer: Dan Ward

Take a look at more weddings by Dan Ward on his website and get in touch.

First Light Photography

We loved this First Light shoot at Ever After. They manage to capture a completely different style to what we have previously seen here. Bringing a light & airy feel to the images, we can’t get enough!
First Light specialises in modern, candid and elegant photography focusing on natural moments in a reportage/documentary style, along with traditional group shots and romantic couples shots. Their aim is to capture your day naturally, just as it happens, creating a beautiful story of your day with memories to last forever. They love to shoot impromptu moments without you knowing they were even there, allowing you to relive parts of the day that you may have missed.
Bright, filter, light, airy, fairy, wedding party, wedding, guests, friends, confetti, shot, colour, coral, pacific, flowers, bridesmaids, bride & Groom, bride, ever after, lower grenofen
Photographer: First Light Photography
first light, light, airy, bright, filter, woodland, perspective, fairy lights, uniform, love, couple, bride & Groom,
Photographer: First Light Photography
cake, dresses, flowers, details, close ups, bridesmaid, bride, wood, tiers, layers, gold, orange, pink, wedding, ever after, lower grenofen
Photographer: First Light Photography, Cake: Cut Me Off a Slice

Scoot over to First Light Photography’s website to see more and get in touch.

Ben Selway

Ben’s photography is another slightly different style to what we usually see here at Ever After.
His work is packed with so much emotion and somewhat grungey elegance. I personally love this style, he captures the evening & moonlit images so effortlessly, you’ll be wanting him to stay all night.

Moody, wedding, bride & Groom, filter, ever after, dark, lights, evening, night time, lower grenofen, woodland
Photographer: Ben Selway
Woodland, moody, night, lighting, light, silhouette, river, wedding, bride & groom, ever after, lower grenofen, moonlight,
Photographer: Ben Selway
bride & groom, ever after, dancing, bridge, barn, lower grenofen, woodland, greenery, trees, fairy lights, love, happiness, river
Photographer: Ben Selway
Details, beautiful, close ups, white dress, lace, low back, mirror, lighting, moody, wedding, ever after, lower grenofen, ben selway, couple, kiss
Photographer: Ben Selway

If you’re loving these mood stricken images then take a look at Ben Selway’s website and get in touch.

Nick Walker

Well what can I say, I don’t think there has been a more magical rainy day shoot than the photo’s you’re about to see below. After seeing images like this, those night terrors of rain on your wedding day will be long gone. And I don’t know about you but I’ll be secretly praying for it on mine to be able to recreate these stunning pics with Nick Walker.


Rainy day, rain, umbrella, lighting, bride & groom, love, bokeh, wedding, lower grenofen, ever after, couple, magical, white, dress, suit,
Photographer: Nick Walker
Wedding party, bride & groom, vintage, sofa, red, navy, gangster, wedding, white dress, happy, posing, ever after, lower grenofen,
Photographer: Nick Walker
dress, close up, flowers, details, aisle, walking, father of the bride, bride, logs, back, getting ready, friends, guests, ever after, lower grenofen, nick walker
Photographer: Nick Walker

If you’d like to see more photography by Nick Walker, click here to see his website and get in touch.

These are just a few of our favourite Weddings & Photographers, but we have been blessed with so many other talented individuals over the years. Check out our real weddings pages for more examples of local Devon Photographers.

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