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By March 12, 2020announcement
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Corona virus

It’s all in the news right now and although we’d rather be talking about cakes or flowers, I wanted to post a quick up date on how we’re dealing with the situation as we speak.

March weddings

We don’t have any weddings booked for March – we’re focused on our house renovation so that’s turned out to be a blessing as we don’t have any weddings in the next 3 weeks.

bride & groom outdoor wedding photographyApril weddings

Our next weddings are in April and they’re elopement weddings.

We’re preparing for the various eventualities.  It seems unlikely at the moment that the Government is going to cancel weddings.  That could change.   If large gatherings of people are officially banned by the Government, that’s probably not going to affect our elopement or MMW weddings as the guest numbers are small.
For the smaller weddings, the other possibilities are that the Registrars get sick, a supplier gets sick, you get sick or we get sick.  We’re playing those scenarios by ear at the moment as none of them has happened (at least not our end and at least not yet).  We should be able to get in other suppliers and/or staff if something happens but of course we don’t know how the situation is going to play out over the coming weeks.


Couples getting married in the next few months will need to consider their guests and whether they’ve got guests travelling in from other countries where the virus is more prevalent at the moment.  If you’ve got guests coming from those countries (which right now are mainly China, Iran and Italy), you’ll need to consider the safety of your other guests, particularly vulnerable people.
If you’ve got elderly guests, you’ll need to seriously consider whether it’s safe for them to come to the wedding.  If they can’t come for their own safety, then you can look into maybe streaming the ceremony and part of the day for them or setting up a FaceTime call with them so they can see what’s going on and can feel included.   Getting married is important but nothing is worth risking someone’s health.   On the other hand it’s important not to overreact and change arrangements at this stage before we’ve really got a handle on what’s happening.

Our plan

We’re keeping an eye on things at our end but our current plan is to do everything we can do ensure that all our booked weddings will go ahead as planned, as smoothly and safely as possible. We’ll be following all Government advice.   We’re blessed that the lovely S is a practising GP so we feel we’re as up to date as we can be with medical and Government recommendations and we’ll keep updating here if and when anything changes.  Of course if you’ve got your wedding booked with us this summer, I’ll be updating you personally.
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weddings insurance

I understand that most if not all companies offering weddings insurance have closed their books for the time being and are not offering any new policies.   For couples who are booked to get married with us this year I’ll be putting my old legal hat back on and will be looking at the small print  on their weddings insurance policy to see what is and isn’t covered.  I’ll start that in the next couple of weeks depending on what happens with the virus.


If you haven’t booked your wedding with us yet but you’re looking to do that, we are currently doing viewings so if you want to come and visit us, please do.  We’re not shaking hands with visitors at the moment and keeping a distance away as we go round but at the moment, we’re using common sense and current advice to go ahead with viewings.

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Cancelled destination weddings

We’re getting enquiries in from couples who were due to get married in Italy or other destination venues shortly or later this summer.  They’re desperate to find replacement venues at very short notice.  We would love to help but apart from one date on Saturday 30th May – we’re fully booked.

If you’ve got any questions about how the virus might affect your wedding do get in touch.